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San José, Costa Rica            Friday Edition, March 23, 2018             Vol. 18,  No.323

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U.N. requests urgent actions to stop
femicides in the country

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The wave of femicides that the country has suffered in recent weeks caused the United Nations to request urgent actions from the government to curb and prevent cases of gender violence.

So far in 2018 eight women have been killed in cases where investigators accuse their partners.

According to the pronouncement, “Costa Rica must strengthen the mechanisms of prevention, investigation and sanctions against all types of violence. In addition it must build a more respectful society of women and girls."

"In recent weeks we have seen several deaths of women, due to their status as women, at the hands of their partners or ex-partners. This in no way can be seen as normal. Violence against women and girls reflects unequal power relations," said U.N. Coordinator Alice Shackelford.

The official statement also demands strengthening the capacities of public institutions to ensure the protection of women's rights.

Femicides032318.jpgA.M. Costa Rica wire services photo
Since the beginning of the year, authorities have recorded eight femicides.
The statement was released through the official Facebook page United Nations Costa Rica.

Municipalities demand legislators
strengthen their local police

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The Union of Local Governments and the National Network of Municipal Police are asking legislators to approve a law to strengthen municipal police forces before the legislative term ends April 30.

The initiative aims to regulate and unify the police forces and provide the municipal police with a legal framework that allows adequate financing and at the same time delineates their powers and actions within each canton.

According to Karen Porras, executive director of the local government union, the proposal is important for citizen security because it helps to update the legal framework and to standardize the police forces.

Currently, there are 23 local governments that have municipal police and at least 1,000 municipal police members.

The initiative would reform laws to strengthen the financing of police forces without generating new taxes.

Among the changes proposed is a reform that would allow municipalities to use parking meter money to finance the municipal police.

A reform to the traffic law seeks to allow 70 percent of the fines currently charged by municipal inspectors to be directed to the financing of the municipal police. Currently that amount is 40 percent.

Police032318.jpgA.M. Costa Rica wire services photo
The new law would allow more financing to local police corps without creating new taxes.

An authorization that allows municipalities to take funds from the parks service fee is also proposed.

Nov. 11 the Security and Drug Trafficking Commission gave a positive vote to the draft, which sits as part the agenda of the full legislature.

Young Costa Rican becomes the best
young fencer in the whole continent

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

This week, national fencer Karina Dyner Villa was seeded in 12th place of the world ranking of fencing in the category called Youth Sword.

It places her as the best of the American Continent.

"The feeling of being number one in the area and 12 in the world is inexplicable. I have worked very hard to improve and give the best of myself and the effort is seen in the results," she said.

“It's really an honor because there has never been anyone from Costa Rica so far ahead in the world ranking," Dyner added

The International Fencing Federation posted the ranking in March. The Italian, Federica Isola, is considered the best in the world.

"This only shows that the work we have been doing with the national team and my coach Jerzy Konczalski has yielded results and that we are still working to continue on this good path," said the 15 year old.

Recently Dyner won a silver medal in the Pan-American Cadet and Youth Fencing Championship held in Costa Rica.

GoldMedal032218.jpgA.M. Costa Rica wire services photo
Karina Dyner ranks 12 as the world's
best Youth Sword fencer.












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