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Lawmakers try to act against violence to women
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

Tuesday was a day to oppose violence against women.

In the morning there was a parade.

At the legislature, lawmaker Rolando González Ulloa declared that the patriarchal state should be combated at it roots. Youngsters should be educated so as not to repeat the errors of their fathers, he added.

Maureen Clarke Clarke, also of Liberación Nacional, said she has proposed a revision of a law that outlines punishment for violence against women. The proposal would delegate to the Instituto Nacional de Mujeres the job of creating preventative training for young men to effect cultural change.

Another lawmaker, Silvia Sánchez Venegas, outlined the 30-year legislative history during which Costa Rica adopted international conventions or passed laws itself to prevent violence toward women or sexual harassment.

However, it was Defensa de los Niños Internacional that put the problem in a social perspective in a news release. It spoke of economic dependence, poverty and even migration that expose women to risks.

Women are trapped into relationships of violence and abuse by their partner in order to feed their children, the organization said.

Lawmaker Clarke noted Tuesday that there have
Casa Presdiencial photo
This marcher Tuesday morning does not want piropos or unrequested flattery. The sign says she wants respect.

been 18 women killed by their partner or ex-partner this year, up from 10 last year.  There were 49 such cases in 2011, which created a public outcry for legislation. A law was passed but it ran into constitutional obstacles.

Judicial report on narco infiltration stresses ethics
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The judicial branch came out with a report Tuesday that said steps would be taken to prevent  infiltration of organized crime and drug criminals.

The report is the work of the high-level committee set up in May to investigate the penetration of organized crime and drug traffickers into the judiciary.

The summary of the report, released by the Poder Judicial, was predictable. The initial focus was on the judicial circuit in Limón. This was where a judge was accused of influencing the outcome of drug cases.

The committee said that judicial vacancies in the province should be filled and that the selections should be well vetted.

The report also said that a study should be initiated to identify weaknesses in the organizational climate.

The report also said a plan should be executed to strengthen the values and ethics for the judicial
personnel. The judiciary's human relation's department has an ethics unit.

The report also urged more training in ethics.

The judiciary also was instructed by the report to give the resources necessary to its Comisión de Transparencia so infiltration by criminal groups could be confronted.

Also sought are ways so that citizens can report irregularities relating to organized crime more rapidly. Toll-free phone lines, Web pages and email systems were suggested.

The committee was supposed to report in 30 days, but it said more judicial workers were brought into the study.

The summary report did not say if there had been organized crime penetration into the judicial branch.

The full report was approved by the full Corte Suprema de Justicia.  The committee was headed by Zarela Villanueva Monge, the president of the court.

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