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Available recovery rebate
credit for U.S. citizens

February breaks records in road
accidents deaths in five years

Environmental racism in the U.S.
Cancer Alley must end, said U.N.

German firm expands
operations in Costa Rica

Half a million dollars available through
U.S. program Debt for Nature Swap

Stop wild animals selfies
campaign resume

Suspect jailed for hiding 9-plus
kilos of marijuana in his car

Peace Corps celebrates 60th anniversary

Almost 400,000 doses of vaccines against
covid-19 imported in Costa Rica

People using fake covid-19 test could face
up to six years in jail, authorities say

Indigenous trade market reopens

Second study begins for Costa Rican
treatment against covid-19

Congress continues analyzing
IMF $1.7 billion loan plan

Tourism Institute asks for donations
for tourism workers

Restoration begins of 200-year-old
Act of Independence

Jailed men as suspects of
Police School robbery

Campaign to attracts tourists
to Pococí begins

U.S. donates sinks to schools
valued at $150,000

Solar panels installed in
Ngöbes indigenous territory

Discovery Channel series begins
filming in Costa Rica

Tico players appointed for
Orlando Bowl football game

Appealing orange liqueur

Charities in Costa Rica work to
encourage tourism for the disabled

Gifts from trees

U.S. Coast Guard aids
in halting drug trafficking

Amazon expands operations in Costa Rica

Whale sharks capacity to recover
from injuries, study says

Congress passes law against smuggling
and contamination of alcoholic beverages

Interpol arrests expat with
extradition order to Croatia

Urban natural parks improve
cities ecosystems

California company invests $2 million
in new Costa Rica branch

Korea National Railway to carry out
feasibility study on rail project

$2.8million-plus in national park upgrades

Drinking water supply cuts begin
in March, warns Water Institute

Alleged gang members arrested
on suspicion of drug traffic

Former President Chinchilla appointed
in Global Leadership Council

Tico entrepreneurs recognized for
their innovative product in Dubai

Foreigners detained on suspicion of
using fake covid-19 diagnostic test

U.S. and U.N. donate sanitizing
supplies valued at $117K-plus

Vaccination failures continue, says report

U.K. bans Boeing 777 aircraft, says report

China donates police equipment valued at
$6.3M-plus to the Ministry of Security

Driving restriction set to ease in March

Free Wi-Fi in the highest
Costa Rican mountain

$490K-plus invested in Cahuita
school improvements

Costa Rican and Panamanian coast
guards detain drug trafficking suspects

Deputies pre-approve the use

of a lie detector for hiring police

Products export increased in
January, says report

Costa Rica’s Male Beach-Soccer

Team wins Central American Cup

Spicy sweet chicken wings

More than 2,000 drivers fined in January

Foundation imports more wheelchairs
to donate in Costa Rica

Trees and me

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