The registration process has a one-time cost of $11 per process.
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Published Monday, October 19, 2020

Enable online Migration services

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The new platform, Digital Migration, launched for people who need to open a file to regularize their immigration status.

This is the first time that a platform of this type has been implemented in the country, which can be accessed on the General Directorate of Migration website called  Tramite Ya.

The platform allows for opening of a file, requesting a specific service, monitoring the process of service requests, uploading documents, getting access 24/7, as well as avoiding lines at Migration facilities.

Creating an account is needed in order to fully access the site. The first step is to enter the website’s homepage, then continue with the personal data registration process.

The registration process has a one-time cost of $11 per process.

In addition to registering personal data, the platform allows the user to upload the documentation required by the system.

Once the file is completed, the migration officials will continue with the process to apply in each case and depending on the request made by the user.

The platform was developed to reduce the risk of migration employees and the general public to get infected with covid-19.

According to migration, last year there were 53,978 requests to open a file to request migratory regularization. But due to the covid-19 pandemic this year only less than 2,000 people have filed a request.

What other improvements should migration authorities make to serve foreigners living in the country?  
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