This measure is temporary and is applied in such a way as to reduce the crowds at the council's headquarters and other offices.
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Published Monday, October 12, 2020

Email traffic claims available

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

Drivers who want to appeal a fine made by traffic police have the option of making the claim by email, due to the reduction of personnel at the headquarters and branches of the Road Safety Council, known as Cosevi, as a measure to prevent covid-19 infection.

During the pandemic, all fine claims can be made via email, No digital signature signature necessary, Cosevi said in its statement.

This measure is temporary and is applied in such a way as to reduce the crowds at the council's headquarters and other offices, said Carlos Rivas, representative of the Council.

Of the Council's offices in the country, 12 remain open to the public but the council invites peopl to file their complaints by email, to avoid crowding.

In the letter's claim the person should include his/her email address. Then print it and send a letter image (either by photo or scan) with a copy of the ID.

Another option is to fax the document to the number 2010-4701 of the council's headquarters in San José.

Additional evidence such as photos has to be attached. These extra documents should be listed in the main letter. Emails weighing more than 10 megabytes will not be received, the council warned.

Traffic fines expire in 7 years, so anyone who wants to renew their license during that period will have to pay the fines first, Cosevi said.

This system of sending claims by mail is also a service that applies to immigrants, however, the letter must be made in Spanish.

The council enabled the following telephone lines to answer questions from the public 2010-4619, 2010-4620, 2010-4621, 2010-4622 and 2010-4623.

Last month, the Ministry of Transport authorized the expired driver's license from May to renew this month without paying fines.

This grace period to renew licenses without paying penalties applies only to driver's licenses that expired after May. Licenses expired in previous months must pay the fine.

The extensions are given by the ministry for the renewal of expired licenses, due to the suspension of the attention of the public in its facilities during March and June.

The service to renew the document is provided through an appointment that must be requested at the Directorate of Road Education. Appointments can be requested on the website Servicios Educacion Vial, or by calling 9000-626-356.

Also, the renewal of the license can be managed at any Banco de Costa Rica agency. Appointments should be requested by calling 800-22-724-82.

According to the ministry, they make 3,000 appointments available on a weekly basis for procedures regarding the issuance of new licenses and renewal of licenses.

Of the open spaces, 700 are not occupied, that is to say, almost 25% of appointments are not scheduled, "so we call on people who have pending this process to renew their license and not expose themselves to unnecessary sanctions," said María Eugenia Salazar, a representative of the ministry.

Approval of driver's licenses for foreigners. It is important to clarify that in the case of approving foreign-born people’s licenses, the grace period for renewal of expired licenses is until November 18, 2020.

The ministry only enables 350 appointment spaces per week for foreign-born people who must certify their driving license.

"In the case of the homologation of licenses, we can enable 350 spaces every week to attend this segment of the population, we know that the demand is currently higher, so a more extensive period was also set for this type of procedure," Salazar said.

Thus, the grace period for drivers who, from December 17, 2019, are in the country as tourists, can drive using the license of their country until November 18, 2020.

Also, an extension to the previous date was granted for drivers who are in the country on refugee status, permanent residents, temporary residents, with a work permit or Costa Rican and who could not approve their foreign license after March 20.

The approval service must be carried out only in the agencies of the Directorate of Road Education. Appointments are obtained on the website Servicios Educacion Vial, or by calling 9000-626-356.

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