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Published Tuesday, May 5, 2020


University donates devices for covid-19 patients in ICU, authorities report 337 active cases in the country
The Technological University, TEC, donated to Social Security 54 intubation capsules for patients infected with covid-19, as the first part of a donation of more than 250 units. ➡️ Continue reading

Edwards Lifesciences donated $80,000
for the prevention of covid-19

The California-based Edwards Lifesciences Corp made donations totaling $80,000 through its foundation, to Costa Rica Food Bank, two elders' nursery homes. ➡️ Continue reading

 400,000 will receive monetary bonus
This week, the Ministry of Labor, in a joint effort with the Social Aid Institute, began reviewing 304,000 Protect Bonus applications. ➡️ Continue reading

Kimberly-Clark donates medical and personal care products
The Texas-based Kimberly-Clark, a company specialized in the development of health, hygiene, and personal care products. ➡️ Continue reading

The U.S. Secretary of State is lying
about covid-19 origin, says China

China accused U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo of “wantonly spewing poison and spreading lies” about the origin of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. ➡️ Continue reading

Llamas may help in the fight
against covid-19, study says

The hunt for an effective treatment for covid-19 has led one team of researchers to find an improbable ally for their work: a llama named Winter. ➡️ Continue reading

Driver's license procedures closed for two weeks
The Ministry of Transport reported that the suspension of services related to driver accreditation will continue until Friday, May 15. ➡️ Continue reading


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