The campaign takes place at the London Waterloo train station in London, to attract both
British and European tourists - Institute of Tourism courtesy photo -

Published Tuesday, September 15, 2020

A tourism campaign to promote
Costa Rica in the UK

By the A.M. Costa  Rica staff

This month, the Institute of Tourism is running an advertising campaign to attract tourists from Great Britain.

The campaign takes place at the London Waterloo train station in London, to attract both British and European tourists. According to data from the UK Network Trial, more than 90 million trips are registered at Waterloo station per year, the institute said.

In the station, 16 large-format images (3 meters high by 6 wide) of the country's nature, volcanoes, beaches, among others, have been placed.

The central message of the campaign reads, "Your Journey Starts Here!" Aimed to invite the public to live unique experiences in Costa Rica.

Banners are complemented by sounds of nature that were installed along a catwalk. The tour lasts approximately 120 seconds.

"Promotional actions in the main source markets of Europe have not stopped, although they have been refocused so as not to lose connection with potential tourists," said Ireth Rodríguez, representative of the institute. "We have the responsibility to maintain the country's position in an increasingly competitive environment due to covid-19 and following the gradual reactivation of flights to our country."

Also, the institute announced that an alliance was made with British company's partners and wholesalers to promote the country and encourage travels.

Among the partners are the tourism companies Trailfinders, Journey Latin America and Explore. They will offer special prices to travel to Costa Rica.

The advertising campaign was designed by the institute and the advertising agency Four Communication, hired by the institute's authorities.

Currently, Costa Rica allows flights from the European Union, the Schengen Area and the U.K. for citizens and residents of these areas.

Although there are flights with the European airlines Iberia of Spain and Lufthansa of Germany, the negotiations for the reactivation of British Airways comes at the end of this year.

However, according to the list of foreign passengers from countries and territories allowed to enter England, Costa Ricans are not authorized to yet enter the U.K.

According to statistics from the institute, in 2019, Costa Rica was visited by 500,000 European tourists. Of these, more than 78,000 were from the U.K.

British tourists usually travel as a couple and as a family, said the institute. The main activities carried out are outdoors such as hiking, visiting the beaches and volcanoes, observing flora and fauna, and enjoying the hot springs among others.

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