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According to the agency, the World Economic Forum ranks Costa Rica as #1 for innovative project development in the Latin American Region.
- A.M. Costa Rica wire services photo -

Published Monday, September 14, 2020

Costa Rica is leading for advanced
manufacturing, says agency

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

When high-tech international businesses look outside their borders for manufacturing solutions, they look to Costa Rica first, reported a study of Costa Rica's Export Promotion Agency, known as PROCOMER by its acronym in Spanish.

According to the agency, the country is at the forefront of meeting the advanced manufacturing needs of a wide gamut of multinational corporations. From complex medical devices to aerospace technology and precision equipment, diversity, innovation, and targeted solutions are the national manufacturing trademarks.

A highly-skilled, multi-talented local workforce, coupled with competitive pricing and quick turnaround, are the determining linkages that solidify Costa Rica's place on the advanced manufacturing map, the agency said in its statement.

The strategic placement in the heart of the American Continent and access to both Atlantic and Pacific trade routes make supply and demand logistics a one-stop-shop operation, they said.

"In 2006, Samtec was looking to open an operation in the American Continent that would balance its global supply strategy and provide better redundancy," Samtec Company said in its statement. "Costa Rica's highly skilled labor force and political stability played a big part in site selection."

Samtec Costa Rica has over 1,000 workers who support the company's design for new products and represent over 60% of its global software programmer's staff. They include industrial, materials, and metal mechanic engineers.

According to PROCOMER, the World Economic Forum ranks Costa Rica as #1 for innovative project development in the Latin American Region.

With over 50 years of accrued experience, local suppliers have achieved the capacity and know-how to meet complex customer demands, including prototyping and access to research and development academia, the agency said in its statement. Decades of production also resulted in the development of a solid multi-network supply chain for Tier II and Tier III original equipment manufacturing (OEM) capacity.

"Costa Rica is now the second-largest exporter of medical devices in Latin America and among the top seven suppliers to the US market," Pedro Beirute, CEO of PROCOMER said. "We produce Class I to Class II medical devices for markets in America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania."

According to Beirute, quality and safety assurances are equally paramount to the country's successful manufacturing processes. Companies comply with highly technical and demanding certifications, including AS9100, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 17025, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949, NADCAP, J-STD-001, FAA, EASA, among others.

Costa Rica provides a complete solution for international business partners looking for diverse products and services. Multiple regional and global free trade agreements allow national suppliers to offer preferential deals to their commercial partners. And established trade routes facilitate the expedited delivery of crucial industrial goods and equipment, they said.

What economic authorities should outreach and begin appealing to the country for international companies' investments?  
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