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Published Tuesday, January 28, 2020



Jailed two U.S. citizen linked to Costa Rican resident guilty in fraud scheme case - The U.S. Justice Department’s Criminal Division announced on Friday two U.S. citizens were sentenced to prison for their roles in a multimillion-dollar investment fraud scheme targeting the elderly and other vulnerable victims. ➡️ Continue reading

$280,000-plus for sidewalks on popular crocodile’s river - An investment of $283,041, from the Ministry of Public Works, seeks to give more security to the pedestrians who make the tourist stop to watch crocodiles from the bridge over the Tárcoles River in Puntarenas.➡️ Continue reading

Authorities call for be a responsible tourist  - The entry by people to unauthorized areas within the national parks, which are usually roads within the primary forest, represent a high danger and risk to the physical integrity of the person due to the lack of security measures for the tourist.➡️ Continue reading

School supplies and uniforms register huge price variations, study say - School uniforms and supplies have huge price variations for similar items in different stores, according to a study carried out by the Ministry of Economy. ➡️ Continue reading

Steps to make an easy U.S. vote registration   - According to the Federal Voting Assistance Program the first step for an easy vote in the coming U.S. presidential election is to start by confirming your voter registration with your state. ➡️ Continue reading

Porcelain Crowns in Costa Rica  Costa Rica is a leading global destination for affordable dental care. There are hundreds of dental clinics in Costa Rica, but only a select few that offer high quality porcelain crowns.➡️ Continue reading


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