The boat was intercepted 14 nautical miles from Garza Beach in Puntarenas Province. - Ministry of Security courtesy photo -

Published Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Jailed boat crew suspected
of drug trafficking

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

Officials of the National Coast Guard Service arrested three men, who were crossing the northern Pacific Coast sea by boat, suspected of drug trafficking.

According to the police report, the boat was intercepted 14 nautical miles from Garza Beach in Puntarenas Province.

The detained crew were two Costa Ricans, one surnamed Ramírez-Jiménez, 49, and the other surnamed Gurdián-Arguello, 37. With them was a Colombian surnamed Valencia-Castillo, 41. None had a criminal record in the country, the police said.

The case started on Sunday when officers intercepted the boat during a routine check, when officers detected an unusual area in the helmet. Upon closer inspection the drug packages were found.

The crew and boat were towed to the Quepos District Coast Guard Station in Puntarenas Province.

After a precise inspection, Drug Control Police officers reported having found a total shipment of 165 packages of cocaine, each weighing approximately one kilogram.

In addition to the seizure of the drug, as evidence in the case, the boat was seized, $52 cash worth in colones and six ammunition for a 9-millimeter caliber firearm.

The three men were taken to the cells of the Public Ministry where they were interrogated by the judicial agents and sentenced by a judge to four months of the pre-trial measures against them as suspects of drug trafficking.

The video of the arrest of the crew and the seizure of the drug can be seen on the Facebook page of the Ministry of Security.

What else could the government do to stop illegal drug use, distribution and trade in the country?   
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