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Published Tuesday, June 2, 2020


Costa Rican scientists need covid-19
survivors to donate blood

In order to advance the development of treatment for patients with covid-19, scientists who are working on the production of treatment. ➡️ Continue reading

Green alert throughout the country due to hurricane season
The recent emergencies due to rains marks the beginning of the hurricane season. ➡️ Continue reading

$8 million-plus pipeline construction begins in Guanacaste
Work began on the expansion of the Bagaces Canton pipeline in Guanacaste Province. ➡️ Continue reading

The U.S. donated two million doses
of hydroxychloroquine to Brazil

On Sunday the White House announced the U.S. Government has delivered two million doses of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) to the people of Brazil. ➡️ Continue reading

Deputies warn of a possible outbreak
of covid-19 in Nicaragua

For more than 15 days, the Nicaraguan deputy of the Liberal Constitutionalist Party, Roger Reyes had to be absent from the plenary session.  ➡️ Continue reading

A tide of marine disease is rising, says study
Warming events are increasing in magnitude and severity, threatening many ecosystems worldwide. ➡️ Continue reading

Telethon raised $35,000-plus to help artists
This weekend’s 24 hour, Telethon for the Culture fundraising project, raised $35,146 to help artists and entertainment workers economically affected by the pandemic. ➡️ Continue reading

Transport of merchandise returns to normal
after agreement with

After the agreement between the authorities of Costa Rica and Nicaragua, the transportation of goods by land in Central America. ➡️ Continue reading


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