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Published Wednesday, April 29, 2020


 Country advances for covid-19 cure
Scientists have already produced the first batch of plasma tests from patients who have not been infected with covid-19. ➡️ Continue reading

A lawyer may go to trial on suspicion of growing marijuana
The Alajuela Province Prosecutor's Office accused and requested the opening of a trial against a lawyer, surnamed Cerdas-Salazar. ➡️ Continue reading

Tourism Chamber calls for an extension on tax exempt rule
The Tourism Chamber, Canatur, made a call on Tuesday to the government to extend the deadline for exemption of sales tax, so-called IVA. ➡️ Continue reading

Minnesota and Costa Rican students
make music with kitchen utensils

Miles apart, students in the state of Minnesota and students from Costa Rica work together to create music from the comfort of their homes. ➡️ Continue reading

The U.S. military releases videos of
unidentified aerial phenomenon

The United States government released the first official credible, authentic confirmation that unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) are real. ➡️ Continue reading

 How to be prepared for oral surgery
Are you planning oral surgery in Costa Rica? If so, you’re in good company. Costa Rica is one of the most popular dental tourism destinations in the world. ➡️ Continue reading

Police officers arrested on suspicion of robbery
Three police officers were arrested on Tuesday, on suspicion of being part of a violent robbery. ➡️ Continue reading


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