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The humble banana

Refresh your summer with
orange vodka sauce

54 dead due to methanol liquor poisoning

U.S. President Trump acknowledges

transition,says report

Covid-19 vaccination campaign

begins in Puntarenas

DEA supports the arrest of six men suspected
of trafficking 248 kilos
of cocaine

Plate tectonic faults in Desamparados
city generates several earthquakes

Advance plan for new border
checkpoints construction

Two U.S. citizens face trial for allegedly
growing marijuana and marketing
weed-based products

Costa Rica condemns acts of violence
in Washington, D.C.

China isn't allowing investigation on
covid-19 origins, says WHO

Global economy may expand
4% in 2021, study says

300 car crash-related deaths,
despite the ban-on-driving

Costa Rica improves in the Global Human
Development Index, experts say

Police officers and firefighters get
covid-19 vaccine

Application open for a scholarship
program to study in the U.S.

More than 18,000 foreigners left
Costa Rica on repatriation flights

Alert on the risk of forest fires
due to strong winds

Prosecutor's Office opens indictment
against man suspected of abandoning
nephew in Arizona desert

Vaccination against covid-19
advances in rural zones

Some Dimex ID categories and foreigners
driver’s licenses will expire in January

Costa Rica recognized as the best
Nature Destination for gay travelers,
says agency

500,000-plus emergencies were

attended in 2020

Jan. 15 deadline to pay luxury house tax

Covid-19 vaccine for 77,000-plus
people in January

DUI arrests increased despite
the ban-on-driving rule

U.S. company that expanded its

facilities in Costa Rica named as
top great place to work

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