A Nicaraguan man surnamed Mayorga, was driving without a license, and had entered the country illegally, the police said.
 - Migration Police photo -

Published Monday, September 28, 2020

Undocumented immigrant jailed for
suspect of human trafficking

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The Border Police detained a Nicaraguan citizen on Sunday for having allegedly entered the country illegally and for being suspected of trafficking of undocumented immigrants.

According to the police report, during a highway control operation in the San Cecilia area, in La Cruz Canton of Guanacaste Province, a driver was asked by officials to park his vehicle.

"When the man (referring to the driver) saw the highway control operation carried out by the officers, he immediately stopped and the passengers got out and ran away," the police said in its report. "However, their run was in vain because they were immediately arrested and, after consulting them about the reason for their escape, they replied that they were in the country irregularly."

The driver, a Nicaraguan man surnamed Mayorga, was driving without a license, and had entered the country illegally, the police said. With him were four more fellow Nicaraguans, who admitted having entered the country illegally.

In an inquiry with the border police officers, two of the suspects "said that their final destination was San José from Nicaragua. They had been charged $200 for the trip and also that after crossing the border, they must meet Mayorga who was waiting in his vehicle."

The other two Nicaraguans said they were walking along the border when the driver (referring to Mayorga) offered them his transportation services, the police said in its report.

One of them was allegedly charged by Mayorga ¢5,000 for helping him pass the Santa Cecilia police station, without being detected by the Costa Rican authorities. And the other victim said Mayorga charged ¢10,000 to take him from Santa Cecilia to Liberia in Guanacaste Province, police said.

Mayorga was taken to the cells of the Liberia District Public Ministry where he must wait until a judge orders the pre-trial measures against him for the crime of human trafficking.

While the other four suspects were jailed in the cells of the border police where they must wait for the General Directorate of Migration to investigate them for allegedly entering the country illegally.

Also, the police seized the vehicle, as part of the evidence in the accusation against the driver for alleged illegal entry into the country and human trafficking.

The border police ask to report any suspicions of human trafficking by dialing the line 1311 or the General Directorate of Migration (506) 2299-8100.

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