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The available funding is $100,000 for these programs that work with government and non-government partners to improve mutual understanding between the two countries.
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U.S. government offers $100,000 in funds for organizations in Costa Rica

Published Monday, March 22, 2021

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff
The United States embassy in Costa Rica, announces an open competition for organizations located in the country to submit applications to carry out a program (or project) in one or more of the following focus areas:

• Improve the quality of English language education at the preschool, elementary, secondary and higher education levels.

• Improve the quality of and access to, science, technology, engineering, arts and design, and mathematics (STEAM) education for girls at the elementary and secondary education levels.

• Inspire entrepreneurship in under-represented communities particularly among migrant, women, Afro-descendent, and indigenous communities.

• Increase awareness of disinformation and build digital media literacy skills to better identify reliable information.

According to the embassy, the available funding is $100,000 for these programs that work with government and non-government partners to improve mutual understanding between the two countries. The funds are supposed to help in expanding and improving educational opportunities, such as English language, STEAM, entrepreneurship, digital media literacy/countering disinformation, among other, to promote economic development and democracy.

"The goal of the projects solicited through this Notice of Funding Opportunity is to complement Embassy initiatives to promote mutual understanding through cultural, educational, and professional development programs," the embassy said in its statements.

Proposals should address one or a combination of the following areas:

English language projects should improve English education and empower young English learners by increasing their exposure to educational opportunities or improving the skills of English language teachers. Proposals may include classroom instruction, but priority will be given to projects that include beyond-the-classroom enhancement activities and/or demonstrate coordination with NGO or Government of Costa Rica initiatives, including the Ministry of Education (in particular, bilingual schools).

STEAM education projects should improve the quality of and/or access to STEAM education for girls and encourage girls to enter the specific fields. Projects may also focus on improving the skills of teachers to enhance STEAM education for girls. Priority will be given to projects that include beyond-the-classroom enhancement activities in coordination with private sector partners and/or the Ministry of Education (in particular, public schools implementing the national STEAM curriculum).

Entrepreneurship projects should promote exposure to and knowledge of basic business skills, for example, creation of business plans/strategies, access to finance, business pitches, digital marketing, scaling, resilience, etc. Priority will be given to projects that aim to respond to challenges and opportunities resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Digital media literacy countering disinformation projects should build critical thinking skills in consuming and disseminating fact-based information, especially on social media, to bolster resilience against disinformation. Priority will be given to projects that enhance digital media literacy among populations vulnerable to spreading disinformation and/or build skills among journalists and media professionals working to counter disinformation. Projects should incorporate innovative educational approaches, including the use of digital technology, to identify and limit the spread of disinformation, especially during elections when disinformation campaigns may be more prevalent.

Regardless of the subject, priority will be given to projects that incorporate under-represented communities, including but not limited to migrants, women, Afro-descendent, and indigenous communities as well as populations residing outside the San José metropolitan area.

Project activities should comply with health and safety regulations established by the health authorities during the covid-19 pandemic. Applicants should consider activities that can be implemented virtually and/or demonstrate that in-person activities could be shifted to a virtual format as local conditions require.

The deadline for applications is April 15. People interested applying should contact the U.S. Embassy at 506 2519-2000.

What have you heard of expats looking for funds to develop social aid programs? We would like to know your thoughts on this story. Send your comments to

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