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The training programs were carried out in 2017, but due to the pandemic, the courses were now held virtually.
- HP Foundation photo -

U.S. foundation trains entrepreneurs in business software

Published Thursday, March 25, 2021

By A.M. Costa Rica staff

The HP Foundation, of the U.S. technology company Hewlett-Packard, through its HP LIFE courses provides free training in computer business software to 360 entrepreneurs interested in starting their businesses.

According to the foundation, with the support of the Ministry of Technology and other institutions, the program “Digital Transformation for SMEs" made it possible in developing courses to better assist the use of computer software for entrepreneurs.

"Graduates of these programs challenge the real world with enough skills and abilities to confidently face the challenging experience of founding and growing a business with more confidence and better skills," Enrique Lores, HP CEO said.
Of the 360 ​​entrepreneurs who completed the courses, 37 were trained by volunteers from HP Inc. They began in 2018 receiving basic computer courses until completing the program "Digital Transformation for SMEs."

The other 323 entrepreneurs were trained in the application of computer business software, with the support of professors from the University of Costa Rica and financed by the foundation.

Of this second group, 213 people already had their small business or were in the process of starting one, the Ministry of Technology said in its statement.

The rest, totaling 147 people, were students from technical high-schools who now have the necessary knowledge to start their own business.

According to the ministry, the training programs were carried out in 2017, but due to the pandemic, the courses were now held virtually.

According to Paola Vega, Minister of Technology, these courses on the use of computer software for entrepreneurs help economic development, even more during the pandemic.

"It is necessary to start (referring to learning how to use computers) as early as possible to get this knowledge," Vega said. "This should be a part of the basic education for our children and young people in the educational system."

According to Vega, there is currently a bill presented to Congress, titled " National Digital Literacy Program Law," which has the goal of providing free courses to the entire population on the use of technology to be applied in education, companies and jobs.

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