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Published on Monday, September 6, 2021
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

Three thousand people flocked to the National Stadium for the first in-person Men's Soccer Team game against Mexico.

Despite the pandemic, fans  and showed up to watch the national team on Sunday at 5:30 p.m. at the stadium, located in Sabana Metropolitan Park, San José Province.

According to the Institute of Sports, four soccer games were authorized to allow public assistance in the stadium, which was a pilot plan to determine the decision to allow massive in-person events during the pandemic.

Yesterday, the 3,000 fans paid about $150-ticket to enjoy a game which resulted in Mexico team score the winning goal 1-0.

The next game will take place on Wednesday, Sept. 8, between the soccer teams of Costa Rica and Jamaica. The authorities also authorized the entry of 3,000 fans for that game.

Both matches are part of the men's team qualifiers organized by the Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football, CONCACAF. The games will determine which teams will participate in World Soccer next year in the State of Qatar.

Two more games were authorized with public assistance. These will be the eliminations of the Costa Rica Women's Soccer Team that will take place on Sep. 16 and 19.

According to Karla Alemán, Minister of Sport, these four games will determine if more attendees can access events in the stadium. "For the result of this pilot plan to be successful and to enable the opening of more activities shortly, it is essential to respect the sanitary guidelines," Aleman said.

Fans who attended the games had to follow the well-known sanitary guidelines such as wearing a mask, seat with family bubbles and social distancing.

However, the virus continues advancing in the country, as of Friday there are 89,150 active covid-19 cases. Of the total 472,315 cases detected since last year, there were 5,568 deaths listed as covid-19 related, approximately a 1.2% death rate in Costa Rica, according to the authorities report, which can be found on the Health Ministry website.

The stadium, with a capacity of 35,175 seats, was donated by the China government and inaugurated in 2011.

How should massive activities reopen despite the increase in covid-19 infections?
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