The motto is a call for young people to understand what family violence is and to be the voice of those who remain silent.
/ Ministry of Justice and Peace courtesy photo.

Published Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The U.S. government promotes a
campaign against family violence
in Costa Rica

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

A campaign promoted by the United States government Bureau of International Narcotics Law Enforcement Affairs, INL, seeks to sensitize young people to raise their voices to domestic violence in Costa Rica.

The campaign “Hacete Escuchar: las paredes no hablan, hacelo vos" which in English translates to "Make yourself heard: the walls don't speak, do it yourself." The motto is a call for young people to understand what family violence is and to be the voice of those who remain silent.

"We chose as a slogan 'the walls do not speak, do it yourself' to encourage people and remind them that they can ask for help at the 9-1-1 line or file complaints in the judicial institutions of their communities," said Jairo Vargas, of the Ministry of Justice and Peace.

The campaign, which will last for the next two months, becomes relevant at this time when domestic violence is taking place behind closed doors at homes during the quarantines due to the covid-19 pandemic.

The campaign seeks to put a stop to situations that tend to rise in levels of aggressiveness and mistreatment of others. Some of these messages that will be published are "Forces you to have sexual relations, it is violence," "Beat you, it is violence," "Shout at you, it is violence," "Threatens you, it is violence," "If they tell you how to dress, it is violence,” or “ If your partner checks your phone, it is violence.”

The program works as an extension of the national campaign "Let's Seed Security" and promotes the prevention of violence through educational methodologies aimed at young people from ages of 12 to 18 years old.

These campaigns address issues such as self-esteem, emotions, relationships based on respect, tolerance, human rights, sexual identity, gender-based violence and  family violence, among others, the Ministry of Peace said in its statement.

Likewise, the goal is to encourage adults, such as the parents, people over 18 years of age, community leaders, members of development associations and public institutions to address domestic violence in each community.

The "Make yourself heard" campaign focuses on increasing knowledge about the prevention of domestic violence in vulnerable communities.

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