Congress continues to call on the President Joe Biden Administration to make vaccines available to Americans living and working abroad.
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Published on Wednesday, September 1, 2021
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff and wire services

Congress continues to call on the President Joe Biden Administration to make vaccines available to Americans living and working overseas, said the American Citizens Abroad organization, ACA.

According to ACA, Republican Congresswoman Debbie Lesko of Arizona and several of her colleagues in the House have written to the Biden Administration asking the Administration to provide access to the vaccine against covid-19 for Americans overseas.

“Millions of Americans living abroad have not had the opportunity to receive the covid-19 vaccine either because they cannot travel back to the U.S. easily, or because the nation where they live only allows foreign nationals to receive vaccines after their own citizens,” Lesko said. “American expats contributed to the development and distribution of vaccines through their tax dollars and they should have the opportunity to be vaccinated quickly and efficiently.”

The letter complements efforts in the Senate, led by Democrat Senator Chris Murphy for Connecticut and Republican Senator Jerry Moran for Kansas , along with their colleagues in the Senate, who wrote to the Biden Administration and the State Department in August with the same request, ACA said in its statement.

Murphy followed up the letter by introducing an amendment to the International Pandemic Preparedness and COVID Response Act (S.2297) calling on the Administration to provide a strategy to vaccinate Americans overseas, the organization said.

According to ACA, they have been speaking with the Senators who co-signed the Senate letter and are speaking with the Representatives who have co-signed the House letter led by Lesko.

ACA's campaign calling on the House and the Senate to support vaccine distribution to Americans overseas is helping to bring awareness of the issue in these offices. U.S. citizens can support the campaign "Vaccines for Americans Abroad" on the ACA website.

According to ACA, early this month, Murphy, a member of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, introduced an amendment calling for a strategy from the Biden administration to send supplemental doses of vaccines to embassies and consulates to reach unvaccinated Americans abroad.

What are the expectations of U.S. citizens living abroad to access the vaccine?
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