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Patients receive notification of sanitary orders for being infected with covid-19 via email.  - A.M. Costa Rica wire services illustrative photo -

Published Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Sanitary orders for covid-19
patients now sent by email

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

Patients receive notification of sanitary orders for being infected with covid-19 via email, according to Social Security.

The notification is sent to the email address previously provided by the patient, after the Ministry of Health issues the health order. If the person has doubts regarding the information provided by the ministry, they can make inquiries to the line number 1322 that was enabled to resolve queries related to the virus. Also, inquiries can be made to the ministry line number 506-2223-0333.

The notification is made to all confirmed covid-19 patients, as well as the people who may have the virus due to having had some connection with a confirmed infected patient.

The registration of the contact data of patients with covid-19 and people suspected of having infected with the virus is done through the platform of Unique Digital Health Record. This email service is provided to people who are treated at any public hospital or clinic.

If the patient does not have an email, the health order will be printed and delivered. Each patient case has a unique identification number, to avoid possible falsifications of the emails issued by Social Security.

People with the virus or suspected of having been infected, who have provided an email address, should not go to any agency, hospital or clinic to receive the sanitary order. This will prevent people from discontinuing the quarantine period and putting their health or the health of others at risk.

Respecting the isolation measures ordered by the Ministry of Health for patients with covid-19 are crucial to avoid a drastic increase in deaths and infections within the country.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the Ministry of Health reported the following on the statistics of the virus in the country:

1,117 new covid-19 cases, bringing the total to 30,801 active cases. The ages of patients infected range from a three-month-old baby to a 100-year-old person.

10,722 foreign-born people have been infected with a total of 49,897 cases since March, approximately 21% of the total cases.

• 500 patients are being treated in public hospitals, where 261 patients are in ICU’s in delicate health conditions (ages range from 23 to a 91-year-old person). And 264 patients are in recovery rooms. Most of the infected patients are quarantined in their homes.

• 19,285 coronavirus patients have fully recovered, which is a 38.6% recovery rate.

• 104,510 people have been ruled out.

• 169,002 medical covid-19 tests have been made.

531 deaths of people infected with covid-19 since March, approximately 1% death rate. Of these 202 were women and 329 men. The ages range from 19 to a 100-year-old person.

As of Aug. 31, authorities confirmed the death of 31 foreign-born patients. The youngest and most recent victim was a 19-year-old foreigner who lived in Guanacaste Province. Before then, on July 30, the ministry announced they would not provide updated information on foreign-born people who died from covid-19 in the country, which at the time authorities reported 30 had died from the virus since March.

Readers can see the updated number of total patients in each district at the National Distance Education University on its Covid-19 Map.

As of Tuesday night, the pandemic has killed 898,296 patients worldwide, according to recent statistics reported by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University.

What have you heard about covid-19 patients in isolation not being attended by public health services in your community?  
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