The vision of the government is to make the visits to the island  similar to Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay.
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- Published: Wednesday, January 29, 2020

San Lucas Island seen as a national park

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The deputies of the Special Permanent Tourism Commission of the Legislative Assembly approved bill No.21287 entitled: Creation of the San Lucas Island National Park that designates the former prison site as a protected wildlife area and historical and architectural heritage of the country.

According to the file, the park includes the island and the coastal marine area.

"The land portion will consist of the insular part of San Lucas Island, located in the Gulf of Nicoya," said the Legislative Assembly in its statement. "The coastal marine area will be composed of the waters around the island with a depth of up to 6 meters."

Between these two areas, there will be dedicated to sustainable tourism activity, said the commission.

In addition, the file calls for the island's sustainable tourism development, as well as the conservation and restoration of the old jail buildings that were installed on the island.

In April 2019 the government presented a plan to reactivate tourism to San Lucas Island.

The vision of the government is to make a destinations similar to Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay.

According to the government, approximately $2.4 million was saved from the budget of various institutions such as the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism and the Costa Rican Institute of Pacific Ports to be applied to the island project.

In the presentation of this project, first lady Claudia Dobles, said that the Island is expected to become a benchmark such as Tortuga Island of the Gulf of Nicoya.

"This is an investment aimed at the well being of the community of Puntarenas and the Gulf of Nicoya, by generating jobs and encouraging development,” said  Doubles. “Also, we propose to be a reference in the best practices of construction and sustainable management, with works of low impact and concordance with its surroundings."

According to the government, the island has a deficiency of proper maintenance of the area and lacks of public services such as water and electricity.

The plan to reactivate San Lucas Island has been presented in four stages, which will begin with the construction of the new facilities in 2021, said the government.

- The first phase includes the previous studies of the environment and the marketing study.

- The second phase establishes the amount necessary to invest in the infrastructure.

- The third phase contemplates making the plans and preparing the respective construction permits.

- The fourth and last phase will be the construction of new facilities.

San Lucas Island covers 500 hectares and housed a prison for more than 100 years between 1873 and 1991.


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