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Specialist are carrying out research focused on the production of agricultural products and livestock with technology that reduces greenhouse gases.
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Published Wednesday, June 30, 2021

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The Los Diamantes Experimental Station of the Ministry of Agriculture located in Guápiles Canton, Limón Province, is carrying out research focused on the production of agricultural products and livestock with technology that reduces greenhouse gases.

According to the ministry, the station is investigating the impact of greenhouse gases and the decarbonization of livestock activity. Gas measurement data is analyzed on-site as the basis for the future development of livestock in the country.

Recently, The Green Leaders Report MIT May 2021, recognized Costa Rica among the top seven green world leaders for their contributions to decarbonization thanks to the commitments to sustainable production, the ministry said.

The Guapiles Station also continues to analyze the production of fruit tree seeds, some of them unique in the world, such as the Pococí hybrid papaya, which is produced by crossing papaya cultivars.

The results of the investigations are made available to the producers and cattlemen to improve their productivity and methods so that they can develop a sustainable production with good yields, added the ministry.

In the Laboratories for Biotechnology and Multiplication of Seeds of Tropical Roots, specialists develop the massive production of in vitro plants like banana and cassava, among others for improving the agricultural products that will be exported to Europe and the United States.

These improved seeds have been delivered to experts of technology colleges located in Valle La Estrella, Matina, Pococí, Siquirres, Turrubares, Rio Claro, Sabalito and Paquera, which allowed a productive chain expansion strategy throughout the country.

In addition, specialists have developed a germplasm bank of tropical roots, different crops of varieties of sweet and bitter cassava with potential for industrial uses such as 100% biodegradable plastics, for making bags for supermarkets, crops and even car parts, as well as cornmeal for human consumption (gluten-free) and to replace corn in animal feed.

Also, in the station projects have been developed to improve bamboo production for forest protection, cattle and pig breeding, agricultural research on fruits, tubers and vegetables, among many other agricultural products.

Since 2016 some cattle farmers have been developing a program to adapt their production process to climate change.

What technology-improved agricultural product could be developed in Costa Rica?  We would like to know your thoughts on this story. Send your comments to

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