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Parents or trustees who have children in private schools are recommended to ask for the study plan that would be applied by the principal.
- A.M. Costa Rica illustrative photo -

Published Tuesday, May 18, 2021

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff
The Association of Private Education Centers, ACEP, reported that they are not forced to suspend lessons.

The statement comes as a response to the order issued on Monday by the Ministry of Education, MEP, to discontinue the school year in public schools, high schools and academies, due to the increase of covid-19 infections in the country.

"The Association of Private Educational Centers informs that there is no obligation to apply MEP measures," the association said. "Each institution (referring to a private school or high-school) will decide if it maintains bimodal or only virtual lessons."

According to the association, each private school or high school must define a plan to continue the lessons, either virtual or hybrid between virtual and in-person.

MEP clarified that the directors of each school were informed that "the school year is not suspended in the private educational sector."

The association brings together almost 100 private institutions, so each director will inform the parents or trustees of the students their plan regarding the continuation of class sessions.

On Monday, the ministry decided to pause the school year for all public institutions between May 24 and July 9.

The measure announced by Minister Guiselle Cruz is due to the peak of covid-19 cases nationwide.

Virtual classes were also suspended because in public schools there are approximately 400,000 students who still do not have access to the internet.

However, Minister Cruz met with representatives of the Association of Private Schools on Monday, to clarify their decision. But the minister confirmed that private schools and high schools can make their own plan.

Parents or trustees who have children in private schools are recommended to ask for the study plan that would be applied by the principal.

Visit the Association of Private Education Centers website for more information.

The Ministry of Health reported on Monday a total of 60,647 active covid-19 cases in the country. Of the total 288,626 cases detected since 2020, a recorded 3,625 deaths are listed as covid-19 related, approximately 1.3% death rate.

Are you for or against maintaining the lessons in private schools during the pandemic? We would like to know your thoughts on this story. Send your comments to

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