During a routine patrol in the area known as Caño Sirena, officers found men who were carrying 4 large bags.
- National System of Conservation Areas photo -

Published on Wednesday, July 28, 2021

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

Park rangers and volunteers from Tortuguero National Park, in Limón Province, arrested six males on suspicion of illegal hunting.

According to the rangers report, during a routine patrol in the area known as Caño Sirena, officers found three men who were carrying 4 large bags.

Allegedly, the rangers saw the men throwing the bags into a river bed, so they proceeded with the recovery of the evidence.

When the contents of the bags were examined, the officers determined it was 56 kilos of meat, bones and the skulls of a species of deer. The meat was of Mazama Temama species, known as Central American red brocket. The rangers estimated that the amount of meat was equivalent to four adult animals.

The red brocket is a species of deer ranging from southern Mexico through Central America, all the way to northwestern Colombia.

Later, the officers detected three more males involved, who are allegedly the other half of the same hunter's gang. All six males were arrested.

Three of these were adults and were brought before the Pococí Prosecutor's Office under the accusation of illegal hunting. The other three males were minors so their identifications were registered before releasing them.

According to the National System of Conservation Areas, the institution in charge of the administration of national parks, all types of hunting of wild animals is illegal in Costa Rica.

Authorities call on people in Costa Rica to report to line 1192 any suspicion of criminal actions against wild animals.

Recently two foreigners were jailed as suspects of wildlife animal trafficking.

In May,  a U.S. citizen was arrested for allegedly trafficking an alligator head.

What have you heard of expats hunting wild animals in Costa Rica?  We would like to know your thoughts on this story. Send your comments to news@amcostarica.com

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