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A new staff of inspectors will be implementing people's compliance with the covid-19 health guidelines in the Juan Santamaría International Airport.
- Aeris photo -

Published Monday, June 21, 2021

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

A new staff of inspectors will be implementing people's compliance with the covid-19 health guidelines, according to Aeris, the company in charge of managing the Juan Santamaría International Airport, SJO, located in Alajuela Province.

Sanitary protocols, such as social distancing of 6-feet between the seats, taking temperatures of travelers at the entrance, use of a mask, among others will be monitored by the inspectors.

They "are additional workers who will review that passengers and also the airport workers respect the sanitary guidelines established," Aeris said.

“We have been working together with the Health authorities to make the airport a space that allows passengers to have a safe trip, however, with the gradual recovery of (passenger) traffic, we see the need to reinforce, in the public, respect for each of the guidelines that govern within the air terminal," Juan Belliard, Director of Operations said. “The priority in travel is to preserve the health and well-being of passengers."

The team of inspectors is made up of 13 workers who will be monitoring the airport areas such as the international arrivals and departure halls for passengers.

The inspectors will carry official identification to be easily recognized among the public. Airlines are also informed of their work to coordinate order and respect for sanitary measures.

"After the first days of the application of the measure, we noticed good results,” Belliard said.

“Mainly because some passengers were ignoring the measures in printed warnings, guides and loudspeakers."

According to Belliard, these are not times to relax, "we must all bear in mind the urgent need to take care of ourselves, our families and co-workers. Only by being responsible can we lower the level of contagion and consequently contribute to economic progress."

In the event that the inspector confronts someone who does not want to respect an order to comply with the sanitary measures, the case will be transferred to the Airport Police officer.

In addition to following the sanitary guidelines, tourists must complete with the current requirements to enter Costa Rica:

• Fill out the "Health Pass" webform.

• Tourists must have a valid passport and proof of intent to exit Costa Rica within 90 days.

• Provide proof of a valid Traveler's Insurance, not expiring during the time of stay in the country. This can be purchased in the country of departure or Costa Rica.

Tourists must show proof by requesting a certificate issued in English or Spanish from their insurance provider that guarantees coverage for medical expenses in cases of covid-19 infection while in Costa Rica, for at least $50,000. And minimum coverage of $2,000 for accommodation expenses extended, in case of being infected with covid-19.

The valid insurance document must also be uploaded onto the same online Health Pass.

Tourists already vaccinated are not exempt them from this requirement. Every tourist traveling to Costa Rica, regardless if they are fully vaccinated or not, must acquire an insurance policy as described.

Tourists should double-check the entry requirements by contacting their local Costa Rican embassy or consular representation before planning a trip to Costa Rica.

Should the authorities establish sanitary guideline inspectors staff in other international airports in the country? We would like to know your thoughts on this story. Send your comments to


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