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Published on Thursday, September 30, 2021
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The Central Bank launched the new commemorative coin of Costa Rica's 200 years of independence.

Two hundred years ago, on September 15, 1821, the legal document known as the Act of Independence of Guatemala proclaimed the independence of Central America from the Spanish Empire.

This act of independence invited the other provinces of the Captaincy General of Guatemala, including Costa Rica, to send envoys to a congress to decide the form of the region's independence.

"This coin of the bicentennial fulfills a dream that we have raised since 2019 when thinking about the commemoration of the 200 years of Independence of Costa Rica: that Costa Ricans could have in their hands a piece of this history that we are building together," President Carlos Alvarado said.

The commemorative coin is for ₡500 colones, about 80 U.S. cents, it is made of metal and has a diameter of 28 millimeters, making it smaller than the current ₡500 coin.

The coin is made of a silver-plated copper-nickel core and a gold-plated copper- zinc -nickel outer ring. At the top it reads, "REPÚBLICA DE COSTA RICA" and  "BANCO CENTRAL DE COSTA RICA."

Also, it displays elements alluding to the Bicentennial such as the text "200 YEARS OF INDEPENDENCE," "1821-2021," "LIBERTY, PEACE AND DEMOCRACY."

The designers of the special coin applied a few measures to curtail fraudulent replicas. The coin side displays the value "500," when it is turned it changes to the acronym "BCCR." Also, at the bottom there are five bars in relief making the coin distinguishable to the blind community.

The design of the coin was made by José María Castro Madriz, a professor of the University of Costa Rica, with a degree in Graphic Design and an academic master's degree in Arts. Castro is a fourth-generation relative of two times former President José María Castro Madriz, who led the country from 1847 to 1849 and from 1866 to 1868.

Five million coins, one for each inhabitant in Costa Rica, are set to release on Nov. 1.

What other symbol of Costa Rica could be stamped on a coin? 
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