Marchamo tax documents will be made through the delivery service of Correos de Costa Rica.
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Published Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Marchamo tax home delivery

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The National Bank opened the online Marchamo tax payment system and home delivery of the paid documents for people to not have to leave their homes to make this payment and avoid the risk of contagion of covid-19.

The so-called Marchamo is a compound tax on the right to drive a specific vehicle, it can be paid online to avoid making payments in the Insurance Institute headquarter, its branches or other banks.

The payment of this tax corresponds to the year 2021 and must be paid in advance once a year before Dec. 31.

According to the public bank, payments can be made through the internet banking system enabled on the website, where under the section of payments is displayed the option of “Pago de Marchamo.”

After making the payment, people should request the home delivery service on the bank line 2212-2000. Marchamo tax documents will be made through the delivery service of Correos de Costa Rica.

In the case of companies that have to pay the Marchamo tax of more than 10 vehicles, and that the value of each tax is more than $130, a cashback discount of 1% will be applied, the bank said.

Last week, the institute also enabled a mobile payment option available from any mobile device with internet access, to avoid crowds. The online payment options are:

• Through any internet banking application of any local bank, whether public or private, in the bank payment option called Marchamo.

• Also, online payment is enabled directly on the institute's website INS/Marchamo.

• The institute also opened the free phone line 800-835-3467, where a sales executive will help you make the payment of the tax.

• Another way to pay the tax is through the free app called INS24/ 7, which can be downloaded on any device, Google's Android or Apple's iOS.

According to the institute the requirements to pay the Marchamo tax, in addition to knowing the amount that applies for a specific vehicle, are:

• ID number, or passport number or DIMEX for foreigners. 

• The vehicle must have the technical revision certificate, known as Riteve-RTV, approved and not expired.

In case of not paying the tax before Dec. 31, the owner of the vehicle will have to pay an extra penalty for delayed payment. Also, if the driver is stopped by a Traffic Police officer, he or she must pay an additional fine of approximately $90, and the additional penalty of confiscation of the vehicle plates.

This year, the cost of the Marchamo tax is expected to be lower due to the decrease in taxes approved by Congress with the so-called Fiscal Vehicle Value established by the Ministry of Finance.

• The law authorizes a reduction in 50% of the Fiscal Vehicle Value on private vehicles with a value of less than $11,580.

• This 50% reduction also applies to so-called light-duty vehicles with a tax value of less than $24,814.

• In the case of vehicles with values between $11,580 and $16,542, the discount will be 25%.

• Vehicles valued between $16,600 and $24,814 will have a 15% reduction.

• While motorcycles will be exonerated from the 13% IVA tax.

To know the final amount to be paid for Marchamo tax, the institute developed the Consulta/Marchamo website.

To find the cost of Marchamo tax to pay this year, the vehicle owner must enter the information on the type of vehicle, such as taxi, bus, private car, among others. Then, enter the car plate number.

According to the institute, the value of a vehicle, the so-called Fiscal Vehicle Value, is calculated by the Ministry of Finance. People interested in knowing the value that the ministry has estimated for their vehicle can make the review on the Auto Valor web page.

Should authorities forbid Marchamo tax payment this year, due to the ban on driving restrictions and economic crisis due to the pandemic?  We would like to know your thoughts on this story. Send your comments to

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