At the place, the agents found the marijuana farm that was covered by tents and surrounded by banana palms.
 - Ministry of Security photo -

Published Monday, June 21, 2021

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

Agents from the Judicial Investigation Agency arrested a man on suspicion of being in charge of a property where there were more than 2,000 marijuana plants.

According to the agent's report, the case began when a confidential call was received about a marijuana plantation within a private property located in the town of La Perla, in La Fortuna de San Carlos, in the northern zone of the country.

At the place, the agents found the marijuana farm that was covered by tents and surrounded by banana palms.

Inside the property, a man was arrested on suspicion of being in charge of caring for the plantation. The suspect's name was not released by agents in their report.

The plants were destroyed as part of the anti-drug operation and the suspect was taken to the cells of the Public Ministry where he must wait until a judge ordered the pre-trial measures against him.

The investigation continues to find the property owners and the people responsible for the marijuana farm.

In Costa Rica, the cultivation of marijuana is illegal, according to Law 8204, which regulates the prevention, supply, prescription, administration, manipulation, use, possession, trafficking and commercialization of illegal drugs.

Besides, some people think in Costa Rica there is a type of permission for a minimum quantity of so-called illegal drugs for personal use. That is not mentioned in the law.

The law describes illegal drugs as narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs, substances inhalants and other drugs and drugs capable of producing physical or mental dependencies, included in the United Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, of May 30, 1961.

According to article No. 58 of the law, a prison sentence of eight to 15 years will be imposed on who, without legal authorization, distributes, trades, supplies, manufactures, elaborates, refines, transforms, extracts, prepares, cultivates, produces, transports, store or sell the drugs, substances or products mentioned in this Law, or cultivate the plants from which such substances or products are obtained.

The same penalty will be imposed on whoever, without due authorization, possesses these drugs, substances or products for any of the stated purposes, and whoever possesses or trades seeds with germinating capacity or other natural products to produce the aforementioned drugs.

The complete law, in Spanish, can be seen on the Institute on Drugs site.

This is the third case this month reported by judicial agents on the arrest of people as suspects of growing marijuana plants.

Last week, a man was arrested on suspicion of the crime of developing a laboratory for the production of hydroponic marijuana.

On June 7, five men were arrested on suspicion of growing a hydroponic marijuana laboratory and drug trafficking.

Agents make a call to report any suspicion of marijuana grown farms or labs to the confidential line 800-8000-645, where there are bilingual agents who can answer calls in English or Spanish.

What is the punishment for growing marijuana in your country?
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