Published Thursday, July 9, 2020

In-person classes postponed until
September due to pandemic

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The return of students to school, be it primary school or high schools or higher education, has been postponed until September due to the emergency caused by the covid-19, announced the Ministry of Education on Wednesday.

The second semester of the school year, scheduled to begin on Monday, July 13, will continue with online classes.

Face-to-face classes are planned to resume in September at a gradual and controlled manner, said the ministry. Students returning to classes in the schools, will need authorization from their parents or custodians, they said.

"In cases where the family does not authorize the student to attend classes, the ministry will make the necessary follow-up by other means, allowing them to continue with the educational program," the ministry said in its statement.

According to data provided by the ministry, there are more than 1 million students enrolled, of which 595,771 are registered as active users on the Microsoft Teams platform, with which teachers have developed the material to students, a 60% registration of students. The outstanding registrants indicate a lack of accessibility between students with access to the platform and those who do not. “We recognize that the gap exists, but today we have concrete information that allows us to identify the students who are receiving education, and in what way; as well as we know how many and which teachers are carrying out the strategy called Learning at Home," said Guiselle Cruz, Minister of Education.

According to Cruz, in addition to the Learning at Home plan there are public service announcements on radio and television educational programs that have briefed about the topics of this year's school program.

Among these mediums are the National Radio Chamber and the National Radio and Television System, where they have presented educational programs with the support of the European Union.

Regarding student advancement, the ministry has developed an evaluation and promotion model, approved by the Higher Council of Education. This new form will be used throughout the school year, even when students return to face-to-face classes, said the ministry.

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