Do It Foundation, a non-profit Costa Rican foundation with a trajectory of 15 years.
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Published Friday, October 2, 2020

Giving a second chance
for improving lives

By Do It Foundation

“You have to smile at life no matter what happens,” Alberto Benavides, a 45-year-old resident of San José said.

Benavides, with amputations of the toes of both feet due to Diabetes Mellitus II, not only takes care of and maintains his mother and his home, but he also goes to work every day with his crutches and a big smile. Alberto makes jewelry with great ingenuity and sells it in the park near his home. However, Benavides never lost his optimism nor his motivation and a gift of receiving a wheelchair from the Do It Foundation has positively impacted the quality of his and his families life.

Without a wheelchair, people who cannot walk are obligated to live a life in confinement, with restrictions, dependent on others, and many times isolated. A wheelchair helps with simple daily tasks: going to school, having a job, socializing or something as simple as participating in the community.

Every day millions of people walk from place to place, taking for granted the freedom to move. For many handicapped people like Benavides, this is not the case.

Do It Foundation, a non-profit Costa Rican foundation with a trajectory of 15 years, focuses its efforts on creating an awareness of the needs of people with disabilities and donating wheelchairs to anyone in Costa Rica that needs one but cannot afford it.

The founder continues to be committed to giving people more than just a set of wheels, rather the gift of independence.

“A wheelchair is a means of support to facilitate daily life, the freedom of action and movement and of adapting to surroundings according to universal accessibility, “ John Scheman, President of Do It Foundation said. “Also, it is a tool that facilitates their care and gives independence to the entire nuclear family.”

The Do It Foundation has benefited more than 20,000 families in Costa Rica. The donation of wheelchairs has been mainly to low-income families who have a family member with mobility problems. The foundation is able to ship and import parts in containers for folding wheelchairs with wheels that are appropriate for rural roads.

For those interested in getting involved as a volunteer, donating or helping someone in your community to receive a wheelchair:

• Fill out a form with basic personal information.

• Submit the Medical Report or Doctor’s Report that lists the disability.

• Provide measurements of the size and length of the person, to verify the correct size.

It’s time to get involved! Call 2667-0906 or 2667-0912, or WhatsApp 7050-7926 for more information.

You can also write an email to  or visit the Do It Foundation website

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