Chirripó is the highest mountain with an elevation of 12,536 feet.
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Published Monday, February 22, 2021

Free Wi-Fi in the highest Costa Rican mountain

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The Crestones rangers base shelter located in mountain Chirripó has internet access after two high-range wireless antennas were installed allowing for free Wi-Fi across the park.

Chirripó is the highest mountain with an elevation of 3,821 meters (12,536 feet), located in Chirripó National Park which encompasses the provinces of San José, Limón and Cartago.

Institute of Electricity, ICE, provided the antennas for park rangers and visitors to communicate in real-time from Crestones Base, without having to travel to more populated areas to search for an internet signal.

Internet access will allow park rangers to immediately call for emergency bodies support in case of forest fires, accidents or people missing among others.

The installation of the antennas began in August 2020, when engineers from the institute with the help of park rangers carried the equipment on their backs to ascend Chirripó to find the best place for an effective signal.

The internet signal comes from a radio base installed in the canton of San Isidro, which is linked to an advanced internet system. The distance that the signal travels to Base Crestones is 40 kilometers, the institute said.

In October 2020, after having been closed for eight months, due to the restriction measures ordered by the government to try to stop the advancement of covid-19, Chirripó was finally reopened.

According to authorities, more than $995,119 was used for a series of upgrades in the park, including a wastewater treatment plant at the Crestones- base shelter, a small emergency room, a warehouse, an area for panoramic views, a building for visitors and park rangers, among others.

Ahead of the reopening, there were already about 4,000 tickets sold online.

Tickets for the park are only available online through the National System of Conservation Areas, SINAC, website.

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