Social Security announced an increase in the population that will receive the flu vaccine for free.  - Social Security photo -

Published on Thursday, August 26, 2021
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

Social Security announced an increase in the population that will receive the flu vaccine for free.

According to specialists, at the beginning of the vaccination campaign, the target population (including expats with DIMEX residency) were children from 6 months to 7 years old,  people between 7 to 57 years old with pre-existing health conditions (for example: diabetic patients, obesity, heart disease and respiratory diseases), pregnant women and adults older than 58.

The eligibility requirements have changed. The target populations now include: children between 7 and 8 years old, prisoners, policemen and teachers.

The rest of the Social Security affiliates must buy the flu vaccine for this season in private clinics.

As of Tuesday, according to the Vaccine National Information System report, Costa Rica has applied 1,125,560 doses of vaccines Influenza.

This year's campaign was budgeted at $8,455,400. The funds are expected to cover the purchase of the doses, plus expenses to coordinate the application process throughout the country, Social Security said.

In Costa Rica, the yearly flu vaccination campaign has been carried out since 2004 in community clinics known as Ebais. They have had the Influenza vaccine, more commonly known as the flu shot, available to the public.

Influenza is a common viral respiratory disease that spreads easily from person to person and causes complications, sometimes resulting fatal, even for healthy people.

Its symptoms start suddenly and among them are chills, muscle and throat pain, poor general condition, normally high fever, and fatigue. Its complications can be serious (pneumonia) and could even lead to death. The virus can survive for three days and spreads by touch.

Due to the pandemic and to reduce the risk of catching covid-19, the treatment is currently applied in areas designated exclusively for the flu vaccination campaign.

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