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Finger-licking Guacamole

Published Friday, April 23, 2021

By Melissa Pette

A party with our bubble cannot be complete without the tastiest guacamole.

The salad dressing name, of Mexican origin and now popular all over the world, comes from the Spanish words "aguacate" (avocado) and "moler" (mash), that is to say, a mashed avocado.

This delightful fruit was grown in Mexico around 10,000 years ago. If you don't believe me, ask Siri.

Our new friend Emily McCullough shares her spicy guacamole recipe with us.

McCullough grew up in Arlington Heights, Corpus Christi, TX, where eating spicy food is the norm. But don't worry, for some of us who don't have that knack, she has adapted her recipe to a low spiciness level.

She came to the Land of Pura Vida for the first time on a camping trip with her colleagues from Marine Biology Career at Texas A & M University, to study sharks in Cocos Island. And since then her love for this tiny green country made her decide to move here.

Where have I heard that before?...... hmm.

You will lick your fingers after eating this delicious appetizer. So, let's go to the kitchen.

Finger-licking Guacamole

By Emily McCullough
From Corpus Christi, TX
Living in Uvita, Puntarenas

This guacamole dip is quick and easy to prepare with easily accessible ingredients. They include:

• 1 or 2 fresh serrano or jalapeño peppers, seeded and finely chopped.

• ½ cup chopped white onion.

• ½ cup chopped red tomato.

• ¼ cup coarsely chopped fresh cilantro, plus a little extra for garnish.

• 3 medium-large ripe avocados (about 1¼ pounds total).
• Salt added to taste.

• 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice or lemon juice.

First place avocado pulp in a medium bowl. Using a fork, mash the pulp with lime juice - mixture will be slightly chunky.

In a food processor or blender, combine tomato, onion, cilantro and chili peppers. Process or blend until finely chopped - guacamole tastes harmonious when all the flavorings are finely chopped.

Stir blended mixture and salt into mashed avocados until combined.

To serve, scoop into a decorative bowl. Guacamole is good when freshly made, but it tastes even better when the flavors are allowed to mingle for about 30 minutes.

The kind of avocado that works best for this Guacamole Recipe is the Hass avocado, often called simply “California avocado” in the market.

The Hass avocado is green when it is not yet ripe and black when it is. If they are purchased green they should be wrapped in newspaper and kept in a warm place in the kitchen so they will mature. Cooling ripe Hass avocados will keep perfectly for three or four days.

Guacamole and chips form a terrific combo, but there are some additional ways to enjoy this avocado concoction. Spread guacamole on a tortilla when creating a wrap. Substitute guacamole for mayonnaise as a sandwich spread. It is tasty with chicken or turkey. Use guacamole instead of salad dressing in a chicken or turkey salad. Serve guacamole with grilled meats, poultry, or fish.

Can't finish today's column without thanking so many readers for writing. Remember to share your recipes with a horizontal photo of the dish to

Pura Vida and Salud!

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