Specialists carried out studies of the dental remains, being able to confirm that they belong to Holzapfel.
Judicial Investigation Organization courtesy photo

Published Monday, July 20, 2020

Death of missing German citizen
is confirmed by authorities

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The discovery of the body of the German citizen Karin Holzapfel, 33, was confirmed on Sunday by the agents of the Judicial Investigation Organization, OIJ. Holzapfel had been missing since June 28 in Jaco Beach, Puntarenas Province.

According to judicial agents, Holzapfel's body was found on Saturday, July 4, at  Herradura Island, near Jaco Beach, in Puntarenas Province.

Specialists carried out studies of the dental remains, being able to confirm that they belong to Holzapfel. Forensic doctors continue to investigate the cause of death.

Last week, agents from the Garabito delegation requested the collaboration of the public to help Holzapfel.

The woman was last seen in the Garabito sector, near Jaco Beach, in Puntarenas Province on June 28. She arrived in the country five months earlier with plans to do tourism. The woman's relatives filed the complaint with the OIJ after losing contact with her.

She is one of three missing tourist cases this year. OIJ agents report that they continue investigating the case of two foreign tourists, Christian Tijerino López and Kent Alexander Madsen, missing this year.

In the case of Tijerino, the agents from the Liberia District station in Guanacaste Province continue searching for evidence that allows the case to progress.

Tijerino, 33, arrived in February to visit his family in Costa Rica. On February 18, his relatives lost contact with him and filed a missing person’s complaint.

Investigators reported that Tijerino was last seen on February 18 near the Montenegro area in
Bagaces District of Guanacaste Province, said Walter Espinoza, Director General of the Judicial Investigation Organization.

"From that moment on, his family members lost contact with him and opened the case of the investigation into a possible disappearance or kidnapping," Espinoza said.

He was seen leaving his hotel driving a blue Ford Explorer. On Feb. 22, the car was found abandoned in the community of Bagaces. However, there were no traces of Tijerino.

There is a channel approximately one kilometer long that has piqued investigators' interest, Espinoza said. Scuba diving experts from the Ministry of Security and investigators searched for clues that could be in the waters of the Montenegro canal.

Investigators confirmed that they found evidence that could give an important advancement in the investigation. However, the items found must first be analyzed to establish whether it could be new proof in this case, Espinoza said.

While authorities continue to work on Tijerino’s case, there is still an open case of a Canadian tourist Kent Alexander Madsen, 59, who was reported missing on Friday, March 13.

According to the judicial investigators, Madsen was last seen that Friday when he was diving off of
Cocos Island, located in the Pacific Ocean, approximately 550 km southwest of the Costa Rican mainland in Puntarenas Province.

According to the information of the investigators, Madsen was scuba diving with a group of tourists who were taking scuba diving lessons near the coast of the island.

However, by the time the lesson was over, all the tourists returned to the boat except for Madsen.

Professional scuba divers tried to track Maden for 72 hours, finding only his scuba equipment on the beach of
Manuelita Island but there was no trace of the Canadian.

Manuelita Island is located on the north coast of Cocos Island.

Agents continue investigating these cases. If you have any information regarding any of these missing people cases, please call the Judicial agents.

If you have any information that may help locate the woman, contact the judicial agents, at the line 800-80-00-645 or by message through Whatsapp 880-00-645. There are bilingual agents who can answer calls in English or Spanish. The call is confidential.

A.M. Costa Rica urges readers to share these missing person’s cases with their contacts.

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