The application Naturaleza Mágica was created to provide more information about national parks - Tortuguero National Park photo via SINAC -

Published on Wednesday, September 1, 2021
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The Ministry of Environment launched the application Naturaleza Mágica (Magic Nature in the English language) to provide more information about national parks and protected wilderness areas in Costa Rica.

The application displays information on 17 National Parks and Wilderness Areas so that visitors can access data such as location, services, schedules, facilities, identifying flora, fauna, as well as basic services that can be found in nearby communities, among others.

Visitors can also interact in the app, sharing their experiences in real-time. Naturaleza Mágica app can be downloaded on any Android or IOS device.

It is expected to include more national parks in this app in the coming months, the ministry said. Also, authorities plan to develop an advertising campaign in their social media to promote the use of the application.

The app was developed by the Pro-Sustainability Association of National Parks, financed with funds from the II Debt for Nature Swap between the United States and Costa Rica.

This month, the Ministry of Health reported that they reached the allowable capacity of visitors to National Parks in the country. The numbers are as it was before the pandemic.

The government, through the Ministry of Tourism, is taking action to increase tourism during the pandemic.  Recently, a series of Tourist Cultural Guides to promote the Osa Canton were launched by the Institute of Tourism.

The  Institute also created the series "Tourist Heroes" to highlight the human side of national tourism through the stories about entrepreneurs and boost tourism.

However, 11 months after the reopening of the borders to tourism less than 50% of tourism was recovered.

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