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Published on Thursday, October 14, 2021
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

Costa Rica is implementing the digital certificate of full vaccination against covid-19, through a Quick Response Security code, QR, announced the Ministry of Technology.

The QR is a type of barcode that contains information about the person's vaccination information, also called covid-passport.

That technology will allow quick verification of the mandatory requirement for all vaccinated people entering all public places, such as restaurants, movies, theaters, public institutions, stadiums, commercial center shops, among many others. 

According to the ministry, the implementation of the covid-19 passport is carried out with the collaboration of the Ministry of Health, Social Security, among other public institutions.

The covid-19 passport is created under high-tech and security parameters that are already applied by the European Union. The passport can only be validated through an app, which was created for that purpose. There is no charge for the application which will be made available to the public in November.

The digital passport is to "expedite the verification of the vaccination status against covid-19 by digital or printed methods," the ministry said.

Vaccinated people will receive in their email a code or pin number that will be assigned to them by the Health Ministry. This code must be registered on the ministry website under the Coronavirus section as of Nov. 8.

After the pin is entered, the ministry page will create the QR code. This code will be valid as a covid passport. It is recommended to keep this covid passport saved in your phone or any other device when entering public places or traveling out of the country.

According to the authorities, they have already started sending the first pin numbers to the emails of vaccinated people. As of Tuesday, 1,110,000 pins had already been sent. It is estimated that approximately 30,000 daily pins and about 1,200 daily emails will continue to be issued.

People who are fully vaccinated and require official printed certification can request the document on the website of the ministry in the Vaccination Certificate section. 

The issuance of the certification takes an average of 10 days. In the case of people who require a certification of the application of the second dose, because the first dose was applied in another country, they must wait more days since the representatives of the ministry will carry out a data verification process that takes more time.

People who are vaccinated but have not reported their email must visit their local public clinic, known as Ebais, to request for the registration of the email in the Social Security system, known as Edus. After the email is correctly registered, the pin code will be sent to proceed with accessing the covid passport.

The country has a herd immunity goal of at least 83% of the population, about 4,274,344 fully-vaccinated people in Costa Rica, authorities say.  The Social Security reported, 5,921,089 vaccines against covid-19 have been applied.

As of Oct. 15, all public employees should be fully vaccinated, according to a new mandate recently approved.

On Wednesday the health authorities reported 76,578 active covid-19 cases. Of the total 549,084 cases detected since last year, there were 6,744 deaths listed as covid-19 related, approximately a 1.2% death rate, according to the statistics, which can be found on the Health Ministry website.

The pandemic has killed more than 4.8 million people worldwide, according to data collected by Johns Hopkins University.

The country has imported 6,653,135 vaccines against covid-19.

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