Published Saturday, March 21, 2020 -updated at 12:50 p.m.-

Coronavirus infected cases rise to 117

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The Ministry of Health confirmed few minutes ago,
4 new cases of people infected with covid-19,  two patients dead, 117  infected people in the country.

Six of the infected patients are still hospitalized, of those infected three are in intensive care. The name of the hospital where the patients are being treated was not provided by authorities.

According to the statistics provided by the ministry, of the 117 patients, 48 are women (41%) and 69 are men (59%).

Concerning nationality, 107 are Costa Rican and 10 are foreigners. Authorities did not provide further information on the condition of the patients.

The ages of patients infected with covid-19 range from two to 87. Among these are seven children under the age of 13. There is also a U.S. woman, 73, plus nine  Costa Ricans over 70- year-old. The rest of the 100 infected are adults.

The virus has spread across the country. Authorities confirmed cases in 27 cantons in six provinces. No cases are confirmed in Puntarenas Province so far.

Lab tests resulted negative in 1,190 people classified as suspects. They were ruled out.

Thursday was confirmed the dead the second patient infected with coronavirus covid-19, he was an elderly Costa Rican man, 87, was hospitalized in the intensive care room at San Rafael Hospital in Alajuela Province. In addition to being infected with the virus, this patient had cardiovascular diseases background.

Wednesday the first death of a patient infected was confirmed. The patient also was Costa Rican man, 87, who was hospitalized in intensive care at the same Hospital in Alajuela.

It is a coincidence that the first two deaths infected with coronavirus had similar characteristics in age and place of death, authorities said.

Friday authorities reported two U.S. citizens finished the coronavirus covid-19 quarantined.

The spouses already completed the 14-day quarantine period and they are no longer have symptoms of the virus. Also they resulted negative in two additional lab tests to confirm 100% certainly both patients are no longer infected and they are no risk to others.

In March 6, bot were confirmed coronavirus patients. On that time the Health Ministry provided summaries on these cases:

- The woman, 49, was classified as an imported virus. She entered the country on March 1 from New York at Juan Santamaría International Airport. She had no symptoms when she entered the country. After several days in Costa Rica that changed. She informed authorities that in New York she had contact with a patient who had coronavirus. Lab tests confirmed that she was the first case of coronavirus in Costa Rica. She was receiving medical treatment in quarantine at her hotel in the San José Province.

- The man, 49, husband of the latter case mentioned.  He traveled with his wife and did not show any symptoms when entering the country. He also reported having had contact with a coronavirus patient in New York before traveling to Costa Rica. Medical exams confirmed he was infected with the virus. However, authorities said that he doesn't have the symptoms of the disease. He too was in quarantine in a hotel with his wife.

Authorities didn’t provide information about which hotel they were quarantined. As well they are not going to provide more further information about the flight. Both foreigners can leave the country anytime.

Authorities clarify, once again, that there is still no cure, medicine or treatment to avoid or control coronavirus covid-19. The experts call on people not to believe in fake news.

The trustworthy data on the evolution of the coronavirus in Costa Rica, or about the worldwide advances to find a possible cure, is published daily by official institutions such as the Ministry of Security or Social Security, said the authorities.

Today were 297,635 cases reported of coronavirus covid-19 globally, where 12,831 patients died. There are 94,625 patients in total recovery, according to the most current information from the World Health Organization, which classified covid-19 as a pandemic.

Should authorities speed the virus lab test process?  
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