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Published Monday, April 20, 2020


China dismisses claims on covid-19 origins
On Sunday, China was dismissing the possibility that the coronavirus pandemic originated in the biosecurity laboratory and not from animal-to-human transmission in Wuhan. ➡️ Continue reading

Triggered alerts due to strong eruption
of the Rincón de la Vieja volcano
The Municipal Emergency Committees, located in the communities near the Rincón de Vieja Volcano, in Guanacaste Province, triggered the state of alert. ➡️ Continue reading

First IVF baby born in the country
On Saturday night, the firstborn baby, Isabel, by the in vitro technique was born in the Women's Hospital. ➡️ Continue reading

More precautionary measures in National Parks
New directive orders introduce additional temporary preventive measures to regulate the interaction of park rangers, researchers and their assistants.➡️ Continue reading

Hangover drug shows wider benefits
A well-known hangover drug not only helps soothe pounding headaches but also triggers profound changes that protect the liver. ➡️ Continue reading

Arctic stratospheric ozone hit record low, says researchers
An analysis of satellite observations show that ozone levels reached their lowest point on March 12 at 205 Dobson units. ➡️ Continue reading

Family of a U.S. citizen missing ask for help
Not knowing the whereabouts of her brother has been the hardest situation the family has ever experienced," said Johanna Leiva. ➡️ Continue reading


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