A.M. Costa Rica Archive
Published Friday, April 3, 2020


 The process to produce covid-19
drug advances in the country
Specialists from the University of Costa Rica and Social Security are working on the process to produce a drug against the virus. ➡️ Continue reading

More than 2,000 foreigners rejected to enter the country
On Thursday, the Costa Rican government reported having rejected entry to foreigners who have tried to avoid the presidential order closure of borders. ➡️ Continue reading

Take care of food in times of quarantine
Nutrition specialists from Social Security called on the population to take care of their diet as well as take preventive measures handling food when the country is facing an emergency. ➡️ Continue reading

Becoming Zen
Here we are in the garden. Did you know that just five minutes a day in a garden can relax and revitalize you?.  ➡️ Continue reading

Certificated wood products are important
for preserving the environment

In this globalized world, the demand for products made from wood is constantly increasing, even though wood from natural forests is a depleting resource.  ➡️ Continue reading


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