The Chirripó peak, 3,820 meters above sea level is the highest point of the Costa Rican territory.
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Published Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Almost $1 million used on Chirripó
National Park improvements

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

After eight months closed to visitors, due to the restriction measures ordered by the government to try to stop the advancement of covid-19, the Chirripó National Park will reopen on Friday.

According to authorities, more than $995,119 was used in a series of improvements in the park, including a wastewater treatment plant at the Base Crestones Shelter, a small emergency room, a warehouse, an area for panoramic views, a building for visitors and park rangers, among others.

With 50,000 hectares, the Chirripó Park is located in the Talamanca Mountain Range. There is the Chirripó peak, 3,820 meters above sea level. That is the highest point of the Costa Rican territory.

That territory was declared a national park in July 1975. To reach the peak, visitors have to hike from the community of San Gerardo.

According to the authorities, in anticipation of reopening, there were already about 4,000 tickets sold online. "Thousands of visitors will enter the Chirripo on Friday and Saturday," Ronald Chan, regional director of the La Amistad Pacifico Conservation Area said.

Online tickets can be purchased on the National System of Conservation Areas, SINAC, website. A tutorial on how to buy tickets can be found on the SINAC YouTube Channel.

While the park has been closed, employees have implemented the sanitary guidelines ordered by the Ministry of Health.

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