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The Ministry of Health issued an alert on the sale of fake products for treating erectile dysfunction known as “Poppers.”
- Ministry of Health photo -

Alert: fake products for erectile dysfunction treatment

Published Wednesday, April 7, 2021

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The Ministry of Health issued a Health Alert on the sale of fake products for treating erectile dysfunction known as “Poppers.”

Some of these products ironically include a label with the legend "Never Fake It" on the cover to make the person believe they are buying original products promoted on the website

According to the ministry, these counterfeit products are on sale in sex shops and several Facebook pages. The fake products are also being sold by individual sellers.

Among the registered counterfeit products brands are:

• Rush Original

• Super Rush Original

• Premium Iron Horse Leather Cleaner

• Liquid Aroma POW


• Bull Strong



• Blush

• Plug



Authorities detected and banned these products in September 2015, however, complaints have been filed on the reselling of these illegal brands.

"These products do not have a sanitary registration, their quality, efficacy and safety have not been confirmed or evaluated by the Ministry of Health, so these can put the health of the population at risk," according to the alert.

The so-called Poppers are included in the group of inhalers and are composed mostly of chemicals such as amyl, butyl, isobutyl, nitrite, pentyl and propyl nitrites.

These drugs are colorless and odorless liquids that contain those small bottles. One of its components is amyl nitrate, which is a very volatile and inflammatory substance and can cause death. The exact content of these products is not known, and they are not proven safe, the ministry said in its statement.

According to authorities, Poppers are also known as a sex drug, since it produces stimulation and blood vessels vasodilation quickly when inhaled, as well as the feeling of euphoria and sexual desire, it also relaxes the muscles of the anus and vagina, which is why they are often used during sexual intercourse.

Among some of the known adverse effects produced by these substances are: redness of the face and neck, headache, nausea, vomiting, increased heart rate and hypotension.

It can also cause hematological complications, such as bleeding, after inhalation, which can lead to a state of oxygen deficiency in the blood, cells and tissues of the body, compromising their function, as well as the appearance of hemolytic anemia.
The use of this product may aggravate the condition of people with suppressed immune systems, heart problems, anemia, low or high blood pressure, and a history of brain hemorrhage.

Most of these Poppers are sold in small bottles indicating their use on the label such as liquid incense, air freshener, polishers, cleaner or leather cleaner.

This ministry does not authorize the sale or use of these products and warns about the health risks.

Authorities recommend not buying these smuggled products and to report any suspicion of the sale of the products in stores, web pages, social media or by individual sellers. Complaints can be filed by emailing at 
According to the ministry, people or companies selling these products will face criminal penalties.

What other counterfeit products are being sold in your community? We would like to know your thoughts on this story. Send your comments to

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