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Several complaints have been received about the sale and ads on social media of this type of products.
- Ministry of Health photo -



Published Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Alert on counterfeit dental
treatment products

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The Ministry of Health alerts the population about the sale of products for teeth whitening that do not have a health registry.

The counterfeit teeth whitening products identified were: Dazzling White teeth whitening pencil, brandless teeth whitening kit, and the Coconut Carbon brand products for teeth whitening advertised on social media.

According to the ministry, several complaints have been received about the sale and ads on social media of this type of products.

"In some cases, we have found some ads of products that do not specify the brand or ingredients, so the status of these could not be verified," the ministry said in its statement

According to a health law, products used to treat teeth whitening can be classified as cosmetics or as biomedical equipment, because of the ingredients it contains. All legal products are registered by the ministry before the product is imported and sold in the country.

This is the second time that these types of counterfeit products are sold. In 2016, an alert was issued with the sale of the same type of Dazzling White teeth whitening pencil.

Products without sanitary registration could represent a health risk because they have not been evaluated to determine that they are suitable for use or consumption. "There is no certainty of their true origin or of the conditions under which they have been manufactured, stored, transported and handled," the ministry said.

The authorities recommend that before buying a dental treatment product, ask the dentist about the authenticity of the product.

As well as verify before buying that the products have a current sanitary registration granted by the ministry.

To the owners of supermarkets: do not sell, use or consume food when it is suspected as counterfeit.

Report to the Ministry of Health any suspicion of sale of counterfeit products. Complaints should be made by email, or by calling the line 2223-0333.

Last week, the ministry alerted on a sale of counterfeit Nestle brand processed cheese.

According to the alert, 75-unit cheese packages were detected in a supermarket located in Flores District, Heredia Province, which was not imported by the Nestlé Costa Rica Company.

The ministry has not provided the name of the supermarket, as the investigation of the allegedly smuggled product continues. However, the cheese packages have a production batch registration No.01850219.

The Nestlé Costa Rica S.A. has already filed a complaint with the ministry, in regard to the counterfeit cheese. The fraudulent product is a risk for consumers as it is not possible to trace the merchandise, nor can it be guaranteed that it has been properly handled, stored and transported. The product could be damaged, contaminated or adulterated.

The company Nestle Costa Rica S.A. asks the public to report any suspicious sale of counterfeit products of that brand by sending an email or line 0800-507-4000.

In this case, specialists recommend avoiding buying contraband products.

Before buying food, always check the condition of the packaging or container. Real packaging will indicate the name of the company, the lot number, expiration date and the health registration number issued by the Ministry of Health.

Buy food from places with a Sanitary Permit from the Ministry of Health.

What have you heard about the sale of contraband products in your community?  
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