The drug was hidden inside a cargo of 1,260 boxes of pineapple ready to export to Rotterdam Port.
- Ministry of Security  and A.M. Costa Rica wire services photo.

Published Tuesday, August 11, 2020

900 kilos-plus of cocaine found
in fruit cargo to export
to the Netherlands

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

On Monday, the Drug Enforcement Police officers found a cargo of cocaine hidden in a container that was being prepared for shipping to the Netherlands from the APM Terminal Port, in Limón Province.

According to the police report, during a routine scanner inspection of the containers, authorities detected the drug hidden inside a cargo of 1,260 boxes of pineapple ready to export to Rotterdam Port.

"The drug was contained in 21 briefcases, which were carefully checked and carried a total of 918 packages weighing approximately one kilogram of cocaine each," the Security Ministry said in its status.

The drugs were seized following the guideline of the Drug Control Police. In addition, agents of the Judicial Investigation Organization will continue with the investigation process to find those responsible for having hidden the drugs inside the container.

No arrests were reported in this case.

According to the ministry, this is the ninth shipment of drugs found in containers this year, for a total of 9 drug busts, one ton of cocaine seized.

A similar case happened in May, when a container of pineapple juice that was ready to be shipped to Rotterdam in the Netherlands had 1,250 packages of cocaine hidden, reported the Drug Control Police.

According to the police report, the officers were doing a routine check of the containers that were being loaded at the same APM Terminals Port.

Using a scanner, the police detected that inside a container registered as a shipment of pineapple juice to be exported to the Netherlands, there were drugs.

After reviewing the container, the large number of cocaine packages were found, "each weighing approximately one kilogram," the police said in their report.

In this case too, drugs were seized and no arrests were reported.

How should the authorities implement more controls to find those in charge of entering the drug contaminated container in the port facilities?   
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