The two overpasses are scheduled to be built in Taras and La Lima districts. - Ministry of Transportation courtesy photo -

Published Wednesday, September 16, 2020

$57million- plus loan finances new
overpass bridges in Cartago

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The Ministry of Public Works announced the agreement for the construction of two overpass bridges to be built in Cartago Province, with a loan from the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), of approximately $57,973,229.

An overpass is a bridge, road, railway or similar structure that crosses over another road or railway. The two overpasses are scheduled to be built in Taras and La Lima districts.

"IADB is proud to be part of the Taras-La Lima highway project, which begins today with the signing of the contract," said José Ramón Gómez, representative of the bank. "This infrastructure will provide solutions to high traffic density and future urban development of the industrial zone of Cartago.”

The construction company, Consorcio H Solís-Estrella, was hired by the ministry for the construction of both overpasses. The construction period is estimated to finish two years from the day the order was signed. Construction is expected to be finished in 2022.

The overpass in Taras district will have 3 lanes in each direction, with widths of 3.3 meters and extra areas of 1.2 meters wide and sidewalks of 2 meters.

The second overpass in La Lima district will have four elevated lanes, two in each direction, two additional lanes to maintain continuous traffic on the Inter-American South route. Also, a traffic circle will be built to give continuity in the traffic towards Route 2.

The road that joins both districts, of approximately 2.8 km, will be improved with a new layer of asphalt, sidewalks, and bicycle lanes among others.

Is it a good strategy for the government to continue requesting loans from international banks during the economic crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic?
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