For the first time ever, 400 houses located in the towns of San Joaquín and Naranjillo have public electricity service.
- Rural Development Institute photo -

Published Thursday, July 1, 2021

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

For the first time ever, 400 houses located in the towns of San Joaquín and Naranjillo, in Tarrazu Canton, San José Province, have public electricity service.

According to the Rural Development Institute, to make this possible an investment of $219,500 was required. Of this, about $118,000 was covered with the institute's budget and the rest was provided by the Tarrazu Municipality and two cooperative organizations, which are in charge of providing public electricity service in the area.

To provide electrical service in the towns, 10.53 kilometers of electrical cables were installed in San Joaquín and another 6.69 kilometers in Naranjillo.

Recently Guatuso community in Alajuela Province was able to get public electricity services, also for the first time.

What have you heard of rural communities lacking electrical services?
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