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According to the ministry, 296 highways destroyed by river overflows and landslides were registered throughout the country.
- Ministry of Public Works photo -

Published Monday, November 23, 2020

$14 million-plus in damages caused
by Eta, authorities report

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff 

As a result of the side effects of Hurricane Eta, the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation, MOPT, reported damage to the infrastructure of at least $14,847,390.

This amount does not include the calculations to be made for damages caused by the ravaging effects of Hurricane Iota that hit Central America last week.

According to the ministry, 296 highways destroyed by river overflows and landslides were registered throughout the country.

In the previous week alone, 264 reported damages to roads, bridges and culverts were repaired.

According to the ministry, among the most recent repairs are:

• A bridge over Route 934, between the communities of Nosara Beach and Barco Quebrado, in Guanacaste, where they installed a Bailey portable, pre-fabricated bridge, 40 meters long and with a capacity to support 40 tons of weight.

• The National Highway Council, COSEVI, announced the start of the process to rebuild the passage through Route 239, in Puriscal Canton. On this route, there were landslides as a result of the saturation of water in the land.

• In the San Rosa National Park sector, in Guanacaste Province, a stretch of the road collapsed, so people from nearby communities must travel by alternative roads while the highway is rebuilt.

• Another sector destroyed is the passage through the Cerro de la Muerte, between the San Jose and Cartago provinces. After the severe landslides, the pass was closed for several days. Over the weekend the ministry team continued with the repair work. Officials of the Traffic Police continue to regulate the passage of vehicles through the area.

• Another partially destroyed highway is the Interamericana Sur, specifically in the Palmar Norte area. Authorities open to traffic in one lane while road repairs continue.

• In addition, route 237 between the communities of  Ciudad Neily and La Fuente, in the southern zone of the country, has a section of several meters completely destroyed. Ministry workers continue on the site to remove soil and rebuild the stretch of road.

According to the ministry, the road and bridge repair work could continue for the rest of this year.

In Costa Rica, no cases of deaths have yet been reported due to the pass of Hurricane Iota. However, two victims were reported dead as a side effect of Hurricane Eta passing through Central America.

According to the Red Cross rescuers' report, an emergency call was attended about a house that was destroyed by a huge landslide in the community of Agua Buena, Coto Brus Canton, southern zone of Puntarenas Province. At 11:38 a.m. officials confirmed the identification of the first two victims, a U.S. citizen from California, surnamed LaDuke, 69, and his wife, a Costa Rican woman surnamed Sanchez, 50.

Due to collateral effects of Hurricane Eta, President Carlos Alvarado announced the Presidential Decree of National Emergency.

The goal of the decree is to expedite the administration of resources and the care of the people living in the areas affected by the massive landslides and flooding.

According to Alexander Solís, president of the National Emergency Commission, the decree would allow for the development of a plan for a speedier way in purchasing resources needed to deal with the damage in the area.

What emergencies have you heard of due to the thunderstorms in your community?  
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