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Worker's Day Holiday long weekend
to boost tourism

Company shareowners report
deadline moved to May

Crispy sweet apples

Bats√ę Red-Taxi ride-hailing enabled

$14 million public clinic facility in Cartago

Tightened restrictions in Costa Rica
due to covid-19

Police find cocaine inside a container
to be exported to Belgium

$480,000-plus in non-refundable funds
for tourism entrepreneurs

Government plans $234 million gas
distribution facility on Pacific Coast

Deputies pre-approve $1.7 billion loan
from International Monetary Fund

U.S. brokerage firm opens
jobs in Costa Rica

Foreigners extradited to the U.S.
as suspects of fraud

U.S. citizen arrested suspected of
participating in wild animals trade

Austrian tourist rescued in Salinas Bay

U.S. government offers $750,000
non-refundable funds

Almost two million U.S. citizens received Economic Impact  Payments,
IRS reports

AmCham requests U.S. donation of
vaccines against covid-19 to Costa Rica

Government sponsors movie
series to boost tourism

First route of $32 million-plus diesel
powered trains purchased from
China inaugurated

U.S. Supreme Court Justice trains
Latin American judges

Police find 1.6 tons-plus of marijuana
dumped in Osa Canton

U.S. police specialists train Costa Rican and Panamanian instructors

Costa Rican and Nicaraguan authorities
seek to increase tourism in Guanacaste

New road between Tamarindo and
Langosta beaches advances

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