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Rodrigo Obando now has a better quality of life owing to the wheelchair provided by the Do It Foundation, while Tony Darrick Baker, a deacon at Brasilito Beach Community Church, delivered some of the wheelchairs donated by the foundation.

- Photos via Do It Foundation -

The Do It Foundation empowers lives through mobility and community support

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ublished on Friday, April 5, 2024

By Do It Foundation

For 19 years, the Do It Foundation has been providing wheelchairs and supporting initiatives that uplift communities in Costa Rica. 

Since 2005, they have delivered over 25,000 wheelchairs, with the goal of ensuring every Costa Rican in need has access to one. Their mission is not just about physical mobility, but fostering independence, hope and inclusion.

Recently, the foundation sent 25 new wheelchairs to Beach Community Church in Brasilito, Guanacaste. The church is now distributing them to local families, demonstrating the impact of collaborative partnerships the foundation has cultivated over the years. This synergy between the Do It Foundation and community organizations allows their mission to reach those most in need efficiently and effectively.

“We're incredibly grateful to the Do It Foundation for their generous donation of 25 wheelchairs," said Tony Darrick Baker, a deacon at Beach Community Church. "We've already begun distributing these vital mobility aids to patients and families facing diverse challenges like epilepsy, diabetes, physical injuries and other conditions that impair mobility. 

Providing wheelchairs doesn't just improve independence, it uplifts their entire quality of life mentally and emotionally. This partnership allows us to serve our community's most vulnerable with dignity and compassion.

Founder John Scheman emphasizes that wheelchairs benefit entire families: "Every wheelchair empowers the recipient and enhances their family's lives. Our aim is integrating care and support for those directly and indirectly impacted by disabilities." By providing mobility aids, the foundation alleviates significant burdens and creates a renewed sense of freedom for entire households.

Beyond mobility aids, the foundation supports local charities, schools and education for underprivileged families and children with disabilities. They provide grants and supplies to facilitate better facilities and quality education, which is vital for communities to thrive. Access to proper educational resources can unlock immense potential and create pathways to brighter futures.

Environmental initiatives like beach cleanups and wildlife conservation efforts also receive funding and resources from the Do It Foundation. A healthy, pristine natural environment is inextricably linked to human welfare. By empowering these causes, the foundation contributes to preserving Costa Rica's renowned biodiversity and natural beauty for generations to come.

As the 20th anniversary approaches, the foundation plans to expand its reach and continue innovating mobility solutions. Their vision is a world where disability does not hinder independence and dignity. New designs, improved technology, and increased availability can help make this dream a reality.

The foundation's inclusive, compassionate work has transformed many lives already. However, much more can be achieved through collective action. They invite individuals, businesses and organizations to join the movement through volunteering, donations or advocacy. Even small contributions can have a rippling impact that fosters a more accessible, equitable society for all.

This call to compassionate action is a poignant reminder that true societal progress hinges on uplifting and empowering every member. The Do It Foundation's achievements over 19 years exemplify the profound positive change that can unfold when a spirit of service, innovation and inclusion guides the path forward.

As the 20th year dawns, the foundation stands ready to continue blazing new trails. Their enduring commitment to mobility, education, conservation and community enrichment will undoubtedly inspire many more years of empowering lives across Costa Rica.

To get involved and support the transformative work of the Do It Foundation, there are several avenues available. Donations can be made by calling 2667-0906 or 2667-0912. The foundation can also be reached via WhatsApp at 8609-8021. Additionally, the website provides options for giving as well as an application process for requesting a wheelchair.

The views or opinions expressed by the author are his sole and exclusive responsibility and do not necessarily represent the opinion of A.M. Costa Rica.



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