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- Photo via Aspen Caricam  -

Stolen medicines distributed in Costa Rica

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Published on Wednesday, August  23, 2023
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff


The Aspen Caricam Company reported the theft of pharmaceutical products to the Ministry of Health and there are concerns that the stolen products could be illegally distributed in Costa Rica.

As per the ministry's report, their stolen items included Cofal Fuerte cream and Cofal Original cream, both of which are analgesic creams that are commonly used for reducing muscle pain. Additionally, a shipment of Phillips' Milk of Magnesia, which is a laxative, was also stolen.

Officials also noted that the stolen items pose a danger to public health because there is no way to track how they have been stored.

Authorities said that these items should only be bought from legally registered pharmacies or supermarkets in Costa Rica.

If anyone suspects the sale of these products, they can file a complaint by calling the ministry at (506) 2223-0333.

It is prohibited by the General Health Law to import, manufacture, trade, or distribute damaged, adulterated, or counterfeit medicines. Those who sell such products may be forced to cease operations and their owners may also be subject to criminal sanctions.

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