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Photo via Ministry of Public Security.

Police find indoors marijuana crop in San JosÚ

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Published on Monday, June 24, 2024
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

During one anti-drug operation, police officers found a marijuana farm indoors in a house located in Escaz˙ Canton, San JosÚ Province.

According to the Ministry of Public Security, the case began when police received a complaint about a property where individuals were reportedly growing marijuana.

A bank representative asked the police to conduct a seizure operation on the property; however, when officers entered the residence, they discovered the marijuana plants.

Officers raided the property and found more than 650 marijuana plants, a 1.9 kg marijuana package, over 600 grams of marijuana seeds, equipment for growing the plants and a revolver.

Officers seized plants, seeds, narcotics, a gun, cash, and equipment as evidence in the case.

However, no suspects were arrested.

Agents of the Judicial Investigation Organization will continue with the investigations to find the persons responsible for the marijuana farm.

Authorities call for people to report any suspicion of drug sales or trafficking to the ten-digit confidential line 800-8000-645 or fast line 11-76, where bilingual agents can answer calls in English or Spanish.

In 2022, the government legalized medicinal and therapeutic cannabis and hemp for food and industrial use. However, recreational use, self-cultivation and self-consumption of the cannabis plant are still illegal in Costa Rica.

Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture granted the state-owned National University (UNA) authorization to import hemp seed from Canada to grow and develop research on the plant.

According to the Ministry of Public Security, Costa Rica seized 43.5 tons of drugs and arrested over 190,000 offense suspects in 2023.

How will legalizing recreational marijuana in Costa Rica impact the country? 
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