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In Costa Rica, since 1963, Peace Corps volunteers have served at the invitation of the Costa Rican government.
 - Peace Corps photo -

Published Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Peace Corps celebrates 60th anniversary

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

This week, the Peace Corps celebrates 60 years since President John F. Kennedy established the agency in 1961.

The theme for the anniversary is “The Peace Corps through the Decades: Sixty Years, Countless Stories” and has been commemorated during Peace Corps Week, from February 28 to March 6.

In Costa Rica, since 1963, Peace Corps volunteers have served at the invitation of the Costa Rican government.

"With nearly one-fifth of Costa Rica's population living below the poverty line, Peace Corps Volunteers see the real Costa Rica, its persistent pockets of poverty, the real needs that affect vulnerable communities, and the stunning beauty of this diverse country," the organization said in its statement.

According to Peace Corps Costa Rica, more than 120 volunteers are devoting two or more years of their lives to work in the country in one of three program areas such as Community Economic Development, English education, and Youth Development.

"Whether in rural communities or urban centers, our volunteers live at the humblest level alongside their local counterparts, helping to design creative approaches to development challenges," they said.

The volunteer's mission is to promote world peace and friendship through community-based development and cross-cultural understanding. "The rewards can be life-changing," they said.

As part of the celebration activities, the organization is sharing on their Facebook page, part of the experiences of the first volunteers who arrived in Costa Rica.

For example, there is the case of Rick Stevens, who was a volunteer from 1968 to 1970. Among the most fascinating experiences, he participated in the competition to climb the Cruz de Alajuelita.

The 26-meter high monument was built in 1934, located on Cerro San Miguel (between the towns of Poás and Aserri) in San José Province.

According to the Peace Corps, since its founding, over 60 years ago, more than 240,000 U.S. citizens have served in 141 countries.

What expats do you know visited Costa Rica for the first time as Peace Corps volunteers? We would like to know your thoughts on this story. Send your comments to

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